Instructional Support Specialist

Professional Development Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Position at Catapult Learning

Instructional Support Specialists support educators as they reflect deeply about their practice and identify areas where they would like to apply new instructional strategies.  These identified areas could be areas of success but with interest in enhancement and amplification, as well as areas of professional practice that the teacher has identified as an area for improvement. Instructional support specialists engage educators in collaborative experimentation that enriches a teacher’s understanding of his/her practice by developing a plan for growth, executing the plan for growth, and measuring success. Much of the success of an Instructional Support Specialists depends on the ability to build rapport and trust with teachers and principals.  

Full and part-time positions within the Philadelphia non-public schools available for the 2021-2022 school year


Roles and responsibilities may change. Additional responsibilities may be assigned throughout the course of the school year. 


  • Meet at least once per month with the building principal(s) to review your work in the building 
  • Send a bi-weekly email to the principal(s) summarizing your work while on-site. 
  • Build rapport and trust with both teachers and administrators
  • Organize and arrange appointments and meetings for each day on-site. 
  • Meet with teachers individually or in groups to learn the context of the teaching environment, agree on coaching logistics, and set goals for the coaching partnership. 
  • Listen proactively to teachers and uncover opportunities to work together. 
  • Customize coaching plans to meet the unique goals of each teacher or group. 
  • Create interesting and fun ways to engage teachers in professional learning (book study, lunch and learn, newsletters, Google hangout, etc.) 
  • Provide multiple research-based instructional strategies to achieve success in meeting goals. 
  • Determine collaboratively what evidence is appropriate to measure success.  
  • Support the teachers in: (1) addressing Middle States Accreditation goals; (2) implementing school instructional prioritiesand (3) applying professional development instructional strategies in the classroom. 
  • Partner with the building principal(s) to support new nontenure teachers during the induction program. 


  • Complete weekly work log in designated digital tool and submit on time each week. 
  • Complete weekly time sheet and submit on time each week. 
  • Respond to emails within 48 hours. 
  • Maintain an accurate monthly calendar. 
  • Participate in monthly meetings. 
  • Engage in trainings pertinent to the job.
  • Reflect about your coaching and use data to actively improve. 
  • Be a self-directed, dedicated teammate who is collaborative and team-focused. 
  • Project excitement and enthusiasm for engaging in challenges as they arise and embracing change 


  • A minimum of 5 years of classroom teaching experience 
  • A valid PA Level II teaching certificate 
  • Master’s Degree in Education related field 
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of local evaluation framework 
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of relevant Catapult frameworks 
  • Advanced proficiencies with all elements of the Microsoft Office Suite. 
  • Ability to skillfully facilitate (virtually or in person) adult learning 
  • Experience in using an LMS and/or facilitating interactive group activities via Zoom. 
  • Commitment to mastering any new digital tools required for the support of teachers (Google classroom, SeeSaw, Schoology, etc.) 
  • Excellent research, written, and oral communication skills 
  • Ability to establish priorities and work independently