Area Manager of Educational Services

Program Administration Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Position at Catapult Learning

AREA MANAGER - Milwaukee

The 5,600 educators and healthcare professionals employed by Catapult Learning are driven by a common purpose: to positively impact the educational, behavioral and social-emotional welfare of every child with whom we engage, no matter the child’s individual circumstance. We dedicate our careers to improving outcomes for at-risk and struggling youth, including those with learning and emotional disabilities. In doing so, we play a truly crucial role in the lives of children, their families and their communities. Our purpose drives performance and we are looking for individuals who want to make an impact.

Administrator for a range of services provided to students in schools in a given region. This individual is responsible for supporting the overall service quality, compliance, curriculum, and professional development decisions for assigned area, as well as growing the program throughout the region. Hires, leads, develops, and motivates program staff.  This individual needs to become intimately familiar with key features of all programs within their region and ensure contract renewal.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  • Intimately understand and implement the terms and conditions of all contracts and proposals for the programs.
  • Supports all program, reporting, and contractual needs for instruction, professional development, and parent involvement.
  • Works with Regional Director to develop a strategic plan for optimal renewal of contracts.  Carry out appropriate renewal activity throughout the year.
  • Maintains a high level of customer service, resolving client concerns swiftly and appropriately.
  • Assure the programs meet required goals for client satisfaction, student test score gains, general quality and other specified goals.
  • Assist in development of program budgets.
  • Ensures that contribution margin goals are attained.
  • Works with clients to ensure timely payments.
  • Assist with client management via on-site visitations and supervisory support
  • Assist with growth opportunities both within individual schools and throughout the region
  • Assist with curriculum development and product support, as needed
  • Assess program material needs and make recommendations for purchases
  • Assist Supervisors with on-site teacher training, management, and observations.
  • Visit program sites and provide teachers with effective instructional strategies to assist struggling students
  • Monitor and/or coordinate initial, basic and follow-up training based on current staff needs
  • Deliver staff development in a creative, interactive and professional manner

  • Support performance and effectiveness of program supervisors to assure that the direct service team functions well and program goals are attained.
  • In conjunction with the instructional supervisors, support selection, evaluation, retention, and, if necessary, termination of direct service staff.
  • Ensure all approvals and documentation required by the district and the state and federal agencies is provided in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Assist supervisors in maintaining a current inventory of all items purchased through Federal Funds that are located at the schools.
  • Assist the sales team as needed with client management, program growth, and school retention.
  • Assure that teaching staff can demonstrate appropriate skills, ability and training to meet the demands of contracted program.
  • Act as a role model for establishing appropriate positive morale and attitude toward work and organization.
  • Maintain appropriate and regular communication with all staff.
  • Assist local area supervisors to resolve problems quickly and effectively as they arise.
  • Keep appropriate corporate support staff informed of contract activities.
  • Ability to work within a given budget and work with the Regional Director to manage that budget appropriately.
  • Manages the performance and effectiveness of program supervisors to ensure that staff functions well and program goals are attained in conjunction with education quality department.
  • Works with Program Supervisors, Recruiter and HR department in the selection, training, evaluation, retention, and termination of staff.
  • Trains, develops and manages performance of staff.
  • Ensures that staffs' physical facilities, instructional materials and/or equipment are appropriate

Requires a Bachelor's degree in the areas of education or business, Master's degree preferred

  • At least five years of related experience
  • Prior management experience a must

Excellent interpersonal, verbal, written, and organizational skills.  Must have the ability to communicate with all levels of management.  Demonstrates the ability to handle multiple priorities.  Must understand that all children can learn.  Must demonstrate positive and enthusiastic attitude towards internal and external customers.  Must be flexible.  Working knowledge of Microsoft Office is a must.


Light lifting, walking, climbing stairs. Most programs are in school settings