Assistant, Network Operations - OSP Scheduler

Engineering FORT WAYNE, Indiana TAMPA, FL


About this role:

The Network Operations department is looking for a highly motivated and passionate Assistant Network Operations - Outside Plant Scheduler. 

What you’ll do:

Work Orders/Projects

  • Work orders (projects) are issued to OPCEN from engineering
  • OPCEN reviews WO information to get the scope of the project, check if permits and major materials are needed (cable, poles, repeater housings, etc), and see what type of project it is and determine who is needed for it (ASR, FTTC, Pole, DOR, Roadmove, PDR, etc).
  • Check if cutsheets are needed for splicing project If so, request from facilities, then provide to construction once available.
  • Coordinator documents in Varasset on the Project in the Notes section that they have received the WO and give a brief description of what the plans are for it, and what is needed.
    • Document what cable is needed, if it is on order and has a PO already, or if stock cable will be used
    • Document if permits are needed or already available
    • Document if cutsheets are needed or are already available
    • Document who is doing the project or parts of the project (g. contractor placing, FTR construction splicing)
    • If ASR, provide ECD
    • Update estimated in-service dates, scheduled finish dates, COEI ready dates and target start and finish dates for all tasks that need to be assigned.
  • Utilize OPR for work order tracking and weekly/monthly update calls.
  • Update the Financial Project Status in Varasset throughout the life of the project and update comments at a minimum weekly so all business partners understand status of projects.
  • Be able to provide current status on any project when information is requested using the OPR report which pulls from Varasset where all information is updated
  • Once project work is complete, document in Varasset the project completion, providing information on who was involved with the project (company, contractors), if MTF’s were filed or submitted, if project was splicing only or materials were charged (MTF’s), update Ready for Service “RFS” in Infinium.

Support for Construction/Contractors

  • Work daily with crews to ensure they can meet deadlines and complete projects in a timely manner (typically through phone communications, or through email communications), and check if anything needs to be provided.
  • Provide daily/weekly schedules to crews showing what projects are due, prioritize projects by those that are the most important or due first, scheduling them to be completed in order of priority.
  • Communicate regularly with Contractors on their work status, ensuring that they are working on priority projects first to meet expected deadlines, and that they are providing regular updates and paperwork (marked prints and MTF’s).
  • As issues arise, be ready to act and do what is needed:
    • Cut cables: If needed, provide crews to assist, get emergency locates, provide maintenance cable
    • Broken poles: Get emergency locates and route crew in dangerous situation Not all broken poles need immediate attention, so standard locates are acceptable, then schedule pole replacement ASAP. Some cases require a contractor to replace the pole, then schedule the work with them.
    • Wet cables: Be able to provide or locate replacement cable or transition stubs
    • Missing reels: If crews are unable to find assigned cable reels, be able to locate them or assign an alternate reel

MTF Processing

  • MTF’s created by OPCEN from construction yards and unmanned locations.

Special Projects/Managed Projects

  • Be available for managed project conference calls (FTTH, 1Gb FiOS upgrade, FTTC, MetroE, ASR’s/CDDD, BBE/CAF, etc), or provide full updated status to Project Managers prior to their calls if unable to attend a meeting and be available to provide additional information as needed.
  • Some projects require sending out a completion notice once WO is In-service. Completion notices would be sent to PM’s, engineering, facilities, and possibly escalations group  Completion notices should detail order information as applicable: M6 order number and Circuit ID(s), Work Order information, customer name and address, related Projects, cable/pair or fiber assignment information.  Completion notices will need to be sent for the following projects: HSI, BBE/CAF, ASR, FTTC, MetroE, DOR (if DOR Tracker System is not available).
  • ASR projects involving circuit orders require the CON_COMP task to be completed in M6, and completion information including cable/pair information for circuits, or fiber counts on fiber related circuits to be added to the M6 remarks section for the order

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Hold Monthly Open Project calls with engineering, construction, and other business partners to understand status of projects.  Calls are to be held more frequently if required, weekly or daily to meet business demands.
  • Follow up with engineering on work orders for work completed prior to a WO being issued, being sure that a Work Order is issued to charge time and material, or so that the contractor that completed the work can bill Frontier for work completed (typically this is for emergency and call-out work).
  • Track/escalate/expedite permits with engineering to be sure they are on file when we are ready to start projects requiring perm Hold monthly Open work order calls with engineering and with construction.
  • Abide by all OPCEN Standard Processes

What you'll need:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Strong written, oral and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to multi-task and have solid follow up system
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge Microsoft products, especially Excel
  • Able to work affectively with other teams
Desired Skills
  • Knowledge of Varasset
  • Knowledge of COE Engineering and Installation
  • Knowledge of OSP Engineering and installation
  • Knowledge of Infinium
  • Knowledge of M6
  • Minimum of 3 years or more experience in Engineering, Construction, Operations or related department

Frontier Communications is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.