Center Operations Technician



Req ID:    3284  
Hiring Manager:  Robin Duffey
Contractual Job Title:   Center Operations Tech
Wage Schedule:   A
Location: 821 First Ave N,  St Petersburg, FL
Post Dates:  02/07/20 - 02/16/20
Headcount: 1
Union:  IBEW 824 CBA 011

9-1-1 Center Office Technician

 The technician can be assigned to perform several functions within the 9-1-1 Customer Care Center. However, there are several basic functions that are common in any center:

  • Receive incoming trouble reports from customers
  • Screens incoming trouble reports
  • Analyze trouble reports
  • Test incoming trouble reports
  • Resolves trouble conditions
  • Clear roadblocks to improve MTTR

The information below details the roles & responsibilities associated with these functions.

General responsibilities:

The 9-1-1 Center Office Technician’s Roles & Responsibilities are included in, but not limited to the following functions:

  • Receives and processes trouble
  • Analyzes trouble
  • Monitor 9-1-1 alarms.
  • Refers troubles to field forces.
  • Performs Test Assist for Customers / Vendors &
  • Coordinates circuit repair
  • Refers troubles to responsible maintenance group(s).
  • Requests and provides circuit repair activity
  • Provides timely status to the customer on repair activities
  • Initiates referrals to technical support
  • Recognizes and deals with irate Customers
  • Escalates problems inside and outside the
  • Restores service to the
  • Performs and coordinates Preventive Maintenance
  • Recognizes Repeat and Chronic troubles and takes appropriate action necessary to ensure they don’t

Call Receipt:           In many centers, the technician acts as the call receipt for the customers. The technician monitors a special call receipt number, take calls from the customers and enter the troubles into the appropriate system. The general duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Answer the call receipt number
  • Gather information from the customer
  • Enter the trouble report into the system
  • Identify & flag irate customer situations and bring these to the attention of the team leader
  • Performs other tasks assigned by the team leader

 Testing Functions:


A tester can be assigned as the testing technician to address the incoming testing workload and perform chronic analysis. These functions are broken down into several sub functions and they are:

  • Picking a trouble
  • Analyzing the trouble
  • Deciding on the action to take (handoff or closeout)
  • Escalating on a process breakdown
  • Returning the circuit to the customer
  • Closing out the trouble ticket
  • Analyzing Chronic Repeaters

 When a tester performs Test Assist to the NID for Customers / Vendors, they must be aware of their responsibilities on testing the regulated section of the circuit and allow the customer/vender to test the non-regulated section of the circuit.

 Must be able to successfully complete training including formal and on the job.

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