Senior Graphic Designer- Specialty Retail Environments

Cincinnati, Ohio


Position Overview:-
We are seeking a passionate, self-motivated, innovative Senior Graphic Designer to work with a diverse base of clients and projects in our Specialty Retail Design studio. Candidates must have the ability to partner with a multi-disciplinary team to develop immersive retail environments for a diverse range of international clients. Graphic design plays an integral part in the development of retail environments and ranges from environmental graphic design to brand identity development, conceptual design studies and unique project assignments to develop 360º brand touchpoints for retail and restaurant experiences. FRCH offers tremendous opportunities for involvement with a wide variety of clients and project types, ranging from fashion and themed retail to entertainment destinations, restaurants, beauty, and everywhere in-between. EOE
The ideal candidate will demonstrate abilities in environmental design strategy, conceptual ideation, rendering and presentation skills, production artwork development, as well as high proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite with preferred knowledge in motion graphics application. Experience in the design of retail environments as part of a multi-disciplinary team is a plus.
Requirements :-
Requirements: • 6-10 years of graphic design experience • Strong working knowledge of Adobe Creative suite • Understanding of the use of graphic design in 3D environments • Degree in Graphic Design or similar field