Fixins Sacramento, California


Fixins is a brand new, full-service soul food restaurant located in the heart of the Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento CA at the 40 Acres Cultural Complex.  Fixins serves traditional soul food with a modern twist. We pride ourselves on providing impeccable service to our customers in a hip, high-energy environment.  Fixins is a large, fast-paced restaurant with a maximum capacity of 240 guests. There is a main dining room, bar area, outdoor patio and private party room that appeal to a broad base of customers.  We are currently hiring experienced, energetic professionals for every position.

Host/ess Job Description
Reports to: Service Manager

Primary Responsibilities

  • Live by Fixins’ mission and values in every interaction, every shift.
  • Provide first and last impressions that are lasting impressions.
  • Maintain energy and enthusiasm throughout the shift.
  • Answer the telephone in a friendly, upbeat manner and with a smile on your face.
  • Perform the role of Greeter, Seater and Coordinator.
  • Coordinator
    • Know menu details, drink special(s)/specialties
    • Know what credit cards we accept
    • Greet Guests with a warm, friendly smile and eye contact
    • Use genuine and unique greetings
    • Manage the seating list
    • Monitor wait times
    • Organize the seating of Guests
    • Manage the communication throughout the restaurant
    • Welcome all Guests with genuine and unique greetings
  • Seater
    • Organize menus and silverware for each Guest.
    • Make note of special needs or seating requests.
    • Greet Guests and organize all aspects of seating
  • Provide relentless service to all Guests.
  • Manage Call Ahead Seating and Reservations.
  • Complete assigned opening, ongoing, and closing sidework.
  • Complete Restroom Sanitation Checks every 15 minutes.
  • Maintain a safe, sanitary, and secure environment at all times.
  • Notify a Manager of all Guest complaint

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assist Bussers by clearing and/or wiping tables.
  • Assist Servers by refilling beverages.
  • Assist Bartenders by handling carry out orders.
  • Perform any other tasks or duties as assigned by a Manager.

Qualification Standards

  • Must possess a CA food handler card
  • Ideally 1-3 years of work experience
  • High school diploma preferred but not required
  • Must be able to speak clearly and listen attentively to Guests and other Team Members.

Physical Requirements

  • Transporting and carrying objects (such as bus tubs, trays, trash cans, and food plates) up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to wipe down table tops, booth seats, and table legs and to pick up any debris
  • off the floor in all areas of the restaurant.
  • Must be able to exert a well-paced mobility for periods up to 8 hours in length.