Diversity & Inclusion at FinancialForce

Initially launched as a grassroots effort by a few passionate employees, FF4Inclusion has grown into FinancialForce's company-wide diversity and inclusion program, focused on raising awareness, educating, building an inclusive culture, and understanding the impacts of D&I. We are committed to building a workplace that is diverse and inclusive for all. We value our employees’ diverse perspectives and voices in helping us shape our company to better engage and build a more equitable future with our internal community, customers, and partners.

Raising awareness

From unconscious bias training to discussions on institutional racism and gender inequality, FinancialForce regularly hosts workshops and speakers to educate and inform our workforce.

Implementing a diverse slate approach

For all open positions, including individual contributors, managers, and executives, our recruiting team endeavors to interview a diverse set of qualified candidates. We also partner with networking groups and job boards (e.g. DiversityJobs.com) to increase our engagement with diverse communities.

Giving back

Through FinancialForce4Good, our employee-driven, all-volunteer governing council and nonprofit partners, we address social causes in our communities to help improve the lives of others. At FinancialForce, every employee is allotted 24 hours (three 8-hour days) per year to commit to a charity of their choice, and we expect every employee to use this time to help us make an impact.

Financial Force
We believe that diversity in people and perspectives is fundamental to our culture and business success.