User Experience Designer

Product Seattle, Washington


User Experience Designer

Location: Seattle, WA

Who We Are

FinancialForce delivers the #1 professional services automation (PSA) and the only customer-centric ERP solution. We accelerate business value with comprehensive best practices and the most intelligent analytics—all on the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce.  

FinancialForce knows that each individual brings something special to the team, exemplifying a diverse and inclusive work environment.  We embrace your authenticity and encourage our employees to “Bring Yourself” to work every day!


FinancialForce offers deeply functional, incredibly powerful enterprise software to help our customers manage some of the world's most complex businesses.  As more and more businesses move their operations to the cloud, we have an enormous opportunity, which is matched with the enormous ambition of our UX function.

The company and the role of design are maturing rapidly at FinancialForce and we need experienced designers to help us embed design techniques into every product decision. You will form part of a product team working alongside a product owner and our software engineers. You will be accountable for ensuring that our users’ needs are well understood and our products feel familiar, inspire confidence and make users productive.  The role demands a high functioning professional, capable of becoming a vital member of our cross-product design team collaborating on project work, supporting each other’s efforts and setting the design direction at FinancialForce.

Required Skills:

Design skills

The key capabilities we are looking for are: 

  • Interviewing users.  You are confident interviewing users remotely or in person to understand their expectations, motivations and challenges. 
  • Identifying patterns and user journeys.  You are not phased by complex business processes.  You know how to synthesise insights from multiple sources to uncover the underlying user needs.  You communicate these clearly, always thinking about end-to-end workflows. 
  • Facilitating design.  You know that your team have great insights and ideas and you actively harvest these using collaborative techniques such as design workshops.  
  • It’s on you to make ideas tangible, focussing on the level of fidelity that is appropriate for the problem in hand and always optimising for quick learning and decision making.  
  • Usability testing.  You know how to run a usability test and turn the findings into actionable improvements.  
  • Visual & interaction design.You creatively solve problems, aligning with design patterns and principles to boost your efficiency.  

 Your approach

Equally important to us is your approach and attitude.     

  • Collaborative-first. Your success and your team's success are intrinsically linked.  Your behaviours are centred around team success, and you expect the same of others. 
  • Proactive communication.  You share your insights & ideas in a timely, compelling fashion, knowing that this informs and invites support.
  • You educate your scrum team on user-centred design techniques through your actions and communication style.  
  • Knowing designs value.  You know where the value in any design is and are able to clearly articulate this in prioritisation trade-offs.  
  • Standing your ground.  You know when and how to take a firm and persuasive stance, backing your position up with evidence.  
  • Moving quickly.  We work in Scrum, aligned to lean principles.  Things move fast and change often.  We haven’t found the silver bullet for complete UX and Scrum harmony, but we’re trying hard and making progress.  You will help us move faster.  
  • Product Knowledge. You will demonstrate a thorough understanding of application standards and solutions for enterprise software. You love complex systems and solve complex problems for intricate business processes.

Requirements for the role

  • Looking for extensive and demonstrable experience within the UX/UI environment  and hold a formal degree (or equivalent)  and/or career equivalent in the human-computer interaction discipline
  • Understand how to use specialist industry standard software such as Sketch, InDesign, Adobe Suite to enable you to design front-end experiences for potential users
  • Sketch out visual concepts both on paper and using software applications
  • Work on cross-platform applications to develop user experiences covering mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Re-design websites to make them more responsive, for example, you could be involved with those aimed at commercial industries
  • Re-design or create apps that are easy to use and are configured appropriately for multiple platforms. 
  • Ensure that an end-product design meets the core business objectives required by FinancialForce, while providing users with the optimum experience in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.