Site Quality Manager, ( 22-6513)

Quality Remote, Taiwan


Role Summary/Purpose

The Site Quality Manager provides assurance that quality assurance activities are executed and that all quality requirements are met ensuring that the necessary systems, plans, and procedures are in place for both contractor and the site team.

Essential Function

Quality Assurance (Insure the deployment and the good understanding of the quality assurance principles)

  • Assure that the PQP and related site quality organization are in place
  • Review subcontractors / partner quality plans to ensure alignment with the PQP and the client requirements
  • Provide quality assurance induction training to the site personnel
  • Ensure that quality processes are fully implemented
  • Ensure that the non-conformance report system, project communication, document management system database, ERS (experience response system) and any supporting tools are fully deployed at site and that the users are adequately trained
  • Coordinate the implementation of site quality processes with the subcontractors, partner, client and any other stakeholders
  • Prepare site quality audit program (including subcontractors / partner audits and internal audits)
  • Ensure compliance with the site quality program assessment requirements
  • Carry out internal and subcontractors / partner quality audits as per the site quality audit program and drive the close-out of any findings raised
  • Assist and coordinate any planned external audits
  • Lead customer witness points at site as per ITP
  • Share lessons learned for continuous improvement and advise about potential immediate alert
  • Provide support for customer satisfaction process
  • Ensure quality reporting is timely issued, and monitor availability of site data for quality related KPI
  • Quality control (insure the deployment and the good understanding of the controls & tests requirements)
  • Perform site visit and spot quality control checks on the work in progress
  • Check / record qualification of the personnel and validity of surveillance / measurement equipment
  • Support and enable the subcontractors / partner to understand and perform under the GE quality requirement
  • Monitor subcontractors / partner compliance with quality requirements and implement corrective actions whenever required
  • Assist material handling, civil, construction and commissioning functions, verifying that inspection / testing during material handling, civil, mechanical & electrical erection and commissioning are conducted, documented, checked and validated as per site QCP, Combook and ITPLs
  • With the assistance of third party or internal qualified welding supervisor, fully deploy welding processes and requirements

Documents control

  • Insure the distribution of valid execution documentation to the right personnel (including Subcontractors / Partner)
  • Coordinate site quality control documentation and records, at site and with the PQM
  • Monitor execution documents changes
  • Monitor overall quality documentation emitted by site as per agreed structure and established document life cycles.
  • Ensure that inspections / tests quality records are continuously compiled as per the work progress, by the subcontractors / partner and the involved GE site team, and monitor proper loading in the archiving database
  • Review quality documentations for correctness and completeness prior approval
  • With the assistance of third party or internal qualified Welding Supervisor, review WPS/PQR, test certificates, welding summary sheet for correctness and completeness prior approval. Consolidate associated records

Technical regulation & standards

  • Enforce TR&S requirements application
  • Provide necessary site data to PQM, in order to prove compliance to the TR&S requirements
  • Coordinate, organize and supervise TR&S related acceptance testing and/or approval by customers, third parties, notified bodies and governmental authorities whenever required at site


  • Stop the work if the execution conditions are inadequate
  • Check implementation of design modifications
  • Assure non-conformities follow-up and resolution
  • Monitor CTO, TOP, work completion processes strict application and participate to walk downs
  • Monitor the inspections, turnovers / handover, logging of all outstanding works on work list / punch list and issuance of Red Correx / Red markup documents without delay
  • Coordinate and support the management of work list / punch list items
  • Release products and services when work completion is reached and minimal acceptable conformance is demonstrated

Specific Functional/Technical authority

  • Monitor compliance with contractual requirements, GE specifications and applicable codes and standards on welding and associated testing activities
  • Review WPS and PQRs for correctness and completeness prior any welding work starts
  • Organize and monitor site welders qualification and ensure that qualified welders are issued with proper identification cards.
  • Ensure the tools required prior welding (holding ovens, welding machines, etc.) are fit for use and with valid calibration.
  • Ensure that any required control measures to ensure satisfactory welding conditions are in place whenever required due to inappropriate environmental conditions (windscreens, rain protection, fire protection, etc.)
  • Provide technical advice to ensure that all welding activities are carried out in an efficient and quality manner
  • Perform site visit during welding activities to check WPS availability at the workplace, welding parameters (welder identity, preheat temperature, interpass temperature, issue and use of consumables, check root pass quality, post heating and post weld heat treatment… as applicable), complete traceability of material and welding consumables
  • After welding activity and without delay, monitor weld visual inspection, cleanliness, identification, timely recording against work progress, non-destructive testing results
  • Identify potential weld defects and launch appropriate correction
  • Monitor welder performance and take actions whenever required
  • Instruct the removal of site welders due to poor welding performance

 Managerial (Budget / Administration / People)

  • Provide quality inputs to the site management to support on-quality, on-time and in-budget execution of the project
  • Lead and manage the site quality team to provide an efficient quality support to the overall site team
  • Interview and recruit in coordination with head quarter, quality team members as required
  • Raised any inconsistency of the site quality management system with any regulatory, GE requirements as well as any applicable codes & standards
  • Provide advice enabling the personnel to own quality performance
  • Lead communication with Customer on Quality related subjects


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Technical Discipline AND 3 years of experience, OR
  • Associate’s Degree / Diploma from Trade, Vocational, Military Program AND 5 years of experience OR
  • High School AND 7 years of demonstrated progressive, responsible experience in Quality Assurance role in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, or Industrial environment

Desired Characteristics

  • Solid knowledge of the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and/or Energy-related Businesses
  • Good working knowledge of Machining, Fabrication, Welding, and Materials Prep
  • Excellent understanding of Materials, Mechanical Dimensional Checks / Standard Measurement (GDT) practices
  • Familiar and experienced with various industry standards, codes, tests, and inspection techniques
  • Key understanding of company project management principles.
  • Good communication, inter-personal and negotiation skills.
  • Proven capability of working in a matrix environment.
  • Willing to work at a detail level.
  • Team Player

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