Borescope Inspector, ( 21-4683)

Field Service Technician - Mechanical Remote, France


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Role Summary/Purpose

The Visual Inspections Specialist is responsible for performing robotic and limited access inspections of gas or steam turbines and generators. These inspections with associated data acquisition are carried out at commercial power plants worldwide. Other responsibilities are completing standard service or test reports, monitoring site safety on projects, or other related administrative duties as required.

Essential Function

  • The person in this position is expected to be able to implement and follow, all written practices and policies regarding the applicable technique/technology involved, as well as to aid in the continual development of these procedures & techniques to constantly improve the deliverables
  • This position requires analytical abilities, great communication skills (for both co-workers and clients), solid working knowledge of GE OEM generators and turbines, strong computer skill background, and solid professional writing capabilities in order to work closely with end customers, internal GE customers various Field Engineers, Contract Performance Managers, Quality leaders, Operations managers and Product Line Leaders
  • Full responsibility in producing final reports for GE Representatives and end customers
  • Directly conduct limited access borescope inspections and/or robotic operation of miniature air gap inspection crawlers (MAGIC)
  • Translate engineering specifications into relevant vibration, acoustic test measurement methods and procedures
  • Provide analysis and reporting of data received from field inspections
  • Provide technical guidance to field service measurement technicians and specialists
  • Drive safety, quality and technical excellence
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Professional Band II: This is applicable to Qualified Level 2 and/or Qualified Lead Skill Level 3:
    • Technical/University degree or qualifying experience OR a High School Diploma / GED with a minimum of 5 years of experience in a field services role
    • For Qualified Skill Level 2 personnel who has completed most of the required technical skills methods/procedures set for level 1 and 2, gained knowledge and experience hours on them, and consistently exceeded soft-skills expectations set on professional band I
    • For Qualified Lead Skill Level 3 personnel, working knowledge of the various types of hardware and systems to be inspected/tested. Shows solid knowledge and experience on the required technical skills methods/procedures set for level 2 and started working on the required technical skills methods/procedures set for level 3. Knows where to go to get the proper drawings and specifications required for inspection of equipment and is familiar with the configuration and operation of systems. Understands the general scope and sequence of events for the all phases of inspection. The Lead is qualified to set up and calibrate equipment and to interpret and evaluate results with respect to applicable codes, standards, and specifications. Thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitation of the methods for which qualified and should exercise assigned responsibility for on-the-job training and guidance of trainees and other personnel, as appropriate. Able to organize and report the results of tests and should be able to prepare written instructions and procedures subject to the approval of the Expert(SME). Soft-Skills Expectations: Understands basic principles of project management and the importance of communication and mitigation of risk. Capable of overseeing work and utilization of inspectors on inspection projects. Proficient in the utilization of Inspection Work Instructions, process specifications, QMS, etc. when planning and performing work. Identifies & submits suggestions for improvements in Work Instructions, Procedures, etc. Can oversee inspection teams
  • French language is a must 
  • All levels require:
    • Analytical abilities, and great communication skills (for both co-workers and clients)
    • Advanced computer skills such as MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint for data analysis, word processing and spreadsheet manipulation
    • Extensive travel to and from projects and various field assignments will be required
    • Possess a valid driver's license
    • TWIC
    • Fluent in English language

Desired Characteristics

  • Current or prior borescope experience and certifications, preferably on heavy duty gas turbines
  • Familiar with GE Inspection Technologies Rhythm Acquire software, Menu Directed Inspection software, and XLG3 Videoprobe equipment operation
  • Willingness and ability to travel globally on short notice, and for extended periods of time
  • Ability to work safely with minimal supervision, prioritize, organize work, and meet strict deadlines