Diesel mechanic

Mechanic Crowley, Louisiana



                              Major goals of the mechanic

Performs thorough, accurate Preventative Maintenance inspections.

Following schedules completes all required PM maintenance operations including lubrication, fluid changes, brake adjustments, and tire rotation.

With direction from the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, performs unscheduled maintenance as needed.

Performs complex operations including engine, electrical, fuel, brake, and exhaust repairs and field tests. This requires interpreting and working from drawings, specifications, and other technical materials.

Must be able to lift heavy equipment (up to 50lbs) including brake drums, tires, ladders, tool chests, floor jacks, etc. when necessary.

Must be able to operate bench grinder, torch, drill press, jack and jack stands, sawzall, oil pumps, power washer, parts cleaner and other hand tools required to perform work.

Performs emergency roadside services as needed. Requires operation of either replacement vehicle or utility truck.

Emergency conditions may require calls at home, extended hours, or weekend work.

Document repairs and parts on work orders completely and accurately.

Maintains tools and workplaces so that conditions are neat and orderly.

Must be thoroughly familiar with all safety provisions associated with vehicle maintenance. Understands OSHA standards and provisions.

Understands and conforms to State EPA regulations regarding disposal of toxic waste substances.

Performs other duties as required.