Front-end Engineer - Architecture Group

Architecture Porto, Portugal


The role
As a member of the UI Architecture team, you’ll be working in a friendly and relaxed environment and be part of a well-motivated, talented and growing team. If you love to learn, if you are willing to share your knowledge and love to be part of the building process to reach the top and using the latest technology stack while having fun doing it, this is an opportunity you can’t miss.

Our Goals:

  • Create an unique and optimized web experience
  • Help expanding our component libraries
  • Ensure that teams are enabled to create consistent applications whether in design or implementation no matter the scale of the application or organization they’re working on.
  • Take our tooling into new heights
  • Bridge the gap between design and development
  • Implementing new concepts and ideas

What you'll do

  • Work as a frontend Engineer and help developing our current ecosystem of frontend solutions;
  • Work collaboratively with the Architecture team to ensure frontend Engineers are working towards the standards and guidelines we set ourselves as a company;
  • Engage with other engineers in order to ensure a correct implementation of our frontend architecture;
  • Up skill engineering in complex topics thus acting as a reference for engineering best practices within the team;
  • Provide strategies and tools to ensure high quality standards;
  • Help the architecture team disseminate consistency and frontend best practices to all the engineering teams;
  • Help developing a scalable and sustainable system through all our web products;
  • Contribute to the update and progression of our documentation and guidelines.

Who you are

  • A person with 6-10 years experience in frontend technologies
  • Proficient in Javascript
  • Experienced in component based architectures
  • Proficient in React design patterns
  • Very knowledgeable of the javascript tooling ecosystem
  • Experienced in unit testing
  • Experienced using bundler tools
  • Knowledgeable of semantic markup and accessibility
  • Knowledgeable in CSS best practices and methodologies
  • Proficient with NPM and Node
  • Experienced using GIT and Scrum/Agile methodologies

Qualities we value:

  • Passion for solving large-scale engineering challenges
  • Eagerness to learn and share knowledge
  • Solution driven mindset
  • Good communication skills and a team player
  • Attention to detail and ability to assimilate, sort through and aggregate complex information quickly and effectively