Senior Product Designer - Mat Cover

Product Design London, United Kingdom


We are looking for an experienced design-leader who is able to use evidence and knowledge of user behavior and needs to help shape and develop product strategy for areas of Farfetch’s customer experience. You will work with the area leadership (product management, engineering and you) to ensure that teams within your area are clear about their objectives and missions and that they have the clarity of purpose to move quickly and autonomously.

This role is responsible for the quality and coherency of the overall experience within the area, as such you are expected to ensure that the teams are working within our design standards, and contributing to and using our design system. You will also be expected to support the design systems team by ensuring our system meets the needs of the contributing teams in your area.

This role needs a designer who is able to work collaboratively across teams, providing the connective tissue which enables autonomous teams to work confidently and safely. You’ll specialise in web or mobile but have deep working experience of both, with a portfolio of examples which demonstrate your experience with end-to-end product design. If you’re able to demonstrate experience of working with large systems or platforms, particularly with a service design approach we are particularly keen to work with you.


You will directly line-manage designers who work within the Farfetch design function: we want to make sure management is designed to meet the needs of all everyone, so these designers won’t necessarily be part of your practice or located in the same office as you.

As a line manager, you are responsible for their personal and professional development of designers in your managing line. You'll look after the people you manage and enrich the wider Consumer Product team's capabilities, culture, and social activities.


What You’ll Do

  • You’ll be the lead designer for one of Farfetch’s experience areas, working alongside the product management and engineering leadership for that area.
  • You'll help the area leadership to set and define the strategy for that area based on the learning and explanations created by the mission teams.
  • You will work with the mission teams to understand and roadmap their learning and research agenda for the period ahead.
  • You will be responsible for the quality and coherency of your area’s execution across the channels and touchpoints they deliver to.
  • You will ensure that local knowledge and improvements are considered and evaluated in terms of their contribution to wider global design systems and our organisation knowledge
  • You’ll collaborate with the other area leads within Farfetch, making sure that the customer journeys across and along channels are coherent, effective and consistent with our brand.
  • You will lead by example, willing to dive into teams to support and help them where needed. You understand when to be hands-on, and when you need to mentor.
  • You will support the teams in your area with guidance, direction and through clear strategy.
  • You will support the channel leadership teams by bringing deep knowledge of the needs and goals of customers’ interactions within your area to shape channel strategies and collaborating with your area leadership team to contextualise them into your area.


Who you are

  • You have extensive experience working within product teams, either as a designer or a product owner.
  • You have the ability to demonstrate the process and outcome of the evidence-based approach that you’ve employed on previous projects
  • You are regarded as an expert in designing products for web or native platforms.
  • You have excellent collaboration skills, as well as being able to constructively direct action within teams.
  • We don’t expect a formal degree, but your depth and domain of knowledge is equivalent to that of a BA/BSc/MA in HCI, Information Systems, Computer Science, Graphic Design or similar.
  • You have a working knowledge of developing and working with full-stack design systems.
  • You have experience working on high traffic consumer products a plus
  • You have experience working within a platform business, E-commerce or online retail.
  • You will have excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills.
  • You are able and willing to travel to other Farfetch offices when required
  • You understand how to select and develop appropriate methods for prototyping and when to apply them as tools to remove risk.
  • You ideally have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript