Supply Chain Business Analyst

Operations Strategy Porto, Portugal



Reporting to the S&OP Lead, the Supply Chain Business Analyst will be responsible for embedding the order forecast information in all areas and activities of operations.

This role is critical to ensure alignment between the operations teams in terms of expected volumes and levels of activity as well as creating a common response to peaks and troughs of activity.

The Supply Chain Business Analyst will work as the connection point between the forecast creation and development and the forecast communication and implementation, not only by explaining adapting and incorporating the forecast in the business daily activities but also by working on a feedback loop to capture shorter term / unpredicted operational changes that may impact order volume or distribution amongst partners.

The Capacity Planning Analyst will be an important enabler of Customer satisfaction and will ensure that Farfetch customers’ orders are expected, handled and delivered by our operations teams and partners.


  • Supporting the Forecasting Analyst in the development of the weekly order forecast feeding back information from the operations teams that will have an impact on the future volumes.
  • Communicate the weekly forecasts to the operations teams with the right granularity required for their work and in the format that improves their further use of the information.
  • Communicate the accuracy of forecasts at high level and detailed level, compare it with other existing forecasts in the business making decisions together with the operations teams on what forecasts to use moving forward.
  • Work with each the operations teams to understand how exactly the forecasts impact their workload adapting for time-zone working hours, order cycle steps and activity delays to find the right formulas to adapt order forecast into their specific activity.
  • Work with the S&OP Lead and the Forecasting Analyst to explain to the wider business the impact of accurate forecast on peak management, resource optimization and customer service.

  • BA or BS in Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science or another technical field;
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of experience in data analysis.
  • Proactive with strong analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Experienced with software such as R, SQL, Python;
  • Proficient with Tableau, Microsoft Excel and VBA for developing interactive reports, data manipulation, pivot tables, creating macros etc;
  • Excellent communicator, with project management and presentation skills, both verbal and written;
  • Process oriented with the ability to identify solutions to problems and opportunities by analyzing data;
  • Results driven, resilient and with a commercial mindset;
  • Able to work in a fast moving operational environment;
  • Fluent English is essential other language an extra.