Release Manager

Engineering Porto, Portugal


The role

As a Release Manager you will work in collaboration with engineering teams and be in charge of managing and coordinating all go live events within public APIs, monolithic applications and program/projects. These tasks include applications/infrastructure debug, checking end to end testing status, availability of test environments, making sure all teams are aligned and ready for intermediate go lives, perform risk management to guarantee final release milestones are achievable and monitoring applications / infrastructure.

You will also have an overview of the different applications the company develops and give some coach on the teams with insight of the release process. You should analyze and gather metrics to suggest process improvements (performance, security and efficiency).
In the after-live stage you should also work closely with Service Management team in the Post-Mortem analysis, suggest improvements and corrective actions, as well as aiding in the report build across all areas (Development/Product/Infrastructure).

What you’ll do

  • Negotiate, plan and manage all release activities
  • Analyze risks and resolve issues that affect release scope, schedule and quality
  • Weekly Release Reporting
  • Communicate release details and schedules to the Business as required
  • Know and understand the impacts of branches and code merges in the repositories used by the Engineering teams
  • As a Release Manager you should know the tech stack of the development process so you can participate and discuss with the engineering teams the challenges of the full delivery workflow
  • Coach and help automate release processes
  • Maintain a release public area (documentation) and manage key information such as build and release procedures, dependencies, and notification lists
  • Work with infrastructure teams to improve process, pass awareness of potential problems risks and oversee that the process is fit for the Release process needs
  • Understand infrastructure where applications will be deployed, different technologies for alarms, secrets management, geo distribution, load balancing, containers. This way you should build bridges between the product delivered and Infrastructure that supports it
  • Work closely with Project Management to ensure the efficiency of the delivery of Programs and Projects (Control, Plan, Measure, Predict and React)
  • Work with Service Management in the Post-Mortem analysis and improvement identification.
Who you are
  • Degree in Computer science or similar
  • Experience in software development, preferably on web (ecommerce) sites
  • Knowledge in Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deploy methodologies
  • Familiarity with Docker containers and/or other Microservices deployment methodologies
  • Familiarity in software build, repository and deployment tools like Octopus Deploy, TeamCity, Jenkins, Salt, GitLab.
  • Interested in automating things
  • Knowledge in working with relational DBs like SQLServer or PostgreSQL
  • Familiarity with NoSQL DBs like key-value stores (Redis), document DBs (Mongo) and Cassandra
  • Knowledge in monitoring tools such as Grafana, Kibana and NewRelic
  • Passionate for delivering quality software and defending the customer/end-user perspective
  • You are very focused on the delivery and resilient upon blockages
  • Understand the challenges of geo distributed systems, multi data center concerns and mindset on keeping delivery while the performance and availability of the system globally is always assured
  • Create and document processes related with delivery
  • Excellent communication skills and teamwork believer
  • Good time management and multitasking skills
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.