Senior Product Designer - Consumer Web Channel

Product Design Porto, Portugal


The role

You have a unique opportunity to join a global product design team who are enabling the luxury fashion industry, defining what luxury means for digital.

This role is for an experienced designer with deep knowledge of working as a product designer within a multidisciplinary team (primarily design, engineering, and product management) and with proven examples when your role in the team caused a positive impact for everyone.

As a Senior Designer working for the Web Channel you are expected to have extensive knowledge of design methods and practices that will help your team understand and make sense of their customers’ needs and behaviours.

You will have deep technical knowledge of web UI and interaction design to ensure that the experience our customers have when using our products is appropriate, effective, best in class and coherent. Having experience and technical knowledge in native UI and interaction design is also valued.

As well as helping to shape and craft products and features with your product team, we want you to use your knowledge to help us systematically build and develop the capability and expertise across the entire design discipline. We want designers who are able to identify and share good practice across teams and will strive to continually improve it.

We look for designers who are interested in helping raise up and develop those around them, and who are able to approach work with a clear intent and then afterwards to reflect upon the effectiveness.

You are able to communicate the importance and value of shared, collaborative design systems and have demonstrable experience in contributing to as well as working with them. You are able to demonstrate influence and credibility amongst your team and the wider organisation.

You’ll specialise in web or mobile but have deep working experience of both, with a portfolio of examples which demonstrate your experience with end-to-end product design.

What You’ll Do

Help to build your product’s roadmap
  • You’ll be working collaboratively with your team (product owners, engineers, researchers, and others) in defining the problem space and desired customers outcomes. You will support the execution and development of strategy in your area based on the learning and explanations created by the teams.
  • You’ll be involved in the planning and execution of workshops to help align intent and understanding of business and customer goals, distilling and sharing this with other teams.
  • You will work with the Channel team in building a roadmap that brings the best in class channel experiences to our users and you will have the mindset and skills to instill the commitment and dedication to effectiveness to other teams outside your own, with a strong understanding of the mid and long term goals to be achieved.
Discovering opportunities
  • You’ll help to define the hierarchy of user needs for the design project (use cases, heuristics), making sure that when customers interact with your product the experience is coherent, effective and consistent with our brand and in all points of their journey.
  • You’ll have a strong understanding of your channel’s technology and use these to ensure product decisions are made within those constraints but always with a mindset of problem-solving and innovation through new technologies used in web channel.
  • Discovery sprints - identifying opportunities to create value for our customers, and defining the problem space to remove risk.
  • You’ll be able to help the team discover potential design routes by going broad and wide, creating provocations and prototypes to help the team build better products and features for our customers.
Detailed interaction and product design
  • Helping the team understand solutions by working them through on paper or as visualisations.
  • Using your knowledge and expertise of interaction design in very detailed microinteractions and also at task and flow level when required.
  • Ensuring that the work from the team is consistent with the whole customer experience and designed with the customers’ high-level goals and needs.
  • You are able to support the team’s work with minimal oversight or support, whilst also supporting and coaching the work of less-experienced design team members within your area of influence, leveling up the outputs of everyone around you in your product area.
Work as part of a team
  • You’ll have strong experience of working in partnership with engineering teams and ensuring any design specifications are clear and well-understood by your team and teams around you that will need to continue the work based on your guidelines.
  • You understand that design specifications are not the finished product that our customers use, so you constantly work with your team to improve and finesse the product through release and beyond.
  • Working with engineering and product owners to bring your understanding of how customers interact and behave with products to ensure that they share your confidence in a solution.
  • You’ll be able to define tags/trackers to eng for analytic data without oversight
  • Through your technical knowledge, you can have technical discussions with web channel engineers and you’ll know how different the native channels are and how different or similar approaches are needed depending on a by case situation. 

Who you are
  • You have extensive experience working within product teams.
  • You have the ability to demonstrate the process and outcome of the evidence-based approach that you’ve employed on previous projects.
  • You are regarded as an expert in designing products for web and with practical experience designing for native platforms.
  • You have excellent collaboration skills, as well as being able to constructively direct action within teams.
  • We don’t expect a formal degree, but your depth and domain of knowledge are equivalent to that of a BA/BSc/MA in HCI, Information Systems, Computer Science, Graphic Design or similar.
  • You have a working knowledge of developing and working with full-stack design systems.
  • You have experience working on high traffic consumer products is a plus.
  • You have experience working within a platform business, E-commerce or online retail.
  • You will have excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills.
  • You are able and willing to travel to other Farfetch offices when required.
  • You understand how to select and develop appropriate methods for prototyping and when to apply them as tools to remove risk, and you are an advocate of these practices to those around you, leading by example.
  • You have a very strong working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • You have working knowledge of iOS and Android UI.