Senior Developer

Engineering - PM - IT Svcs Seattle, Washington

We’re growing fast and we’re looking for people who love to build things: products, companies, markets, and their careers! Are you an engineer who loves to create a solid operational foundation, but also enjoys solving fast-moving and emergent needs? Let's meet.

What does IT at ExtraHop look like?

As part of the ExtraHop IT (EHIT) team, you will be designing, maintaining, and occasionally breaking our customer-facing and internal systems. Our needs are fast-moving, and we understand managed risk. We don’t have weeks to spend prepping for guaranteed zero downtime — but we do ensure that we can quickly roll back or recover when things go haywire. We are a close-knit and mutually supportive team with an emphasis on cross-training and sharing. Duties often overlap and flow, even across team boundaries.

We follow principles aligned with DevOps methods to ensure agility, while anticipating future needs to reduce waste. Home-grown software is predominantly in Python 3 and Shell, with exceptions as appropriate. We version control all the things, prefer serverless when we can, containers when we can't, but we don't shy away from doing it old school when the need fits.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure 24x7 responsiveness of services and infrastructure.
  • Be part of the on-call rotation for production services.
  • Design, build, and configure monitoring of production systems, using both ExtraHop products and legacy tools.
  • Add to our internal knowledge base, including design documents, playbooks, diagrams, and user-facing documentation.
  • Help design and construct secure, future-proof hybrid networks.
  • Implement and improve human and automated workflows for operations and support.
  • Write elegant, extensible, sustainable code to solve current and future problems as simply as possible, but no simpler.
  • Learn and grow as an engineer and as a colleague.

Required Qualifications:

  • 8+ years in Unix/Linux systems administration and software development.
  • Experience using Python, Shell/Bash, and at least one other language to solve problems in a Linux/Unix environment.
  • Comfort with a DVCS workflow in a team setting.
  • Competency with web infrastructure operations and deployment/development.
  • Interest in or familiarity with cloud/serverless infrastructure.
  • Experience with one or more virtualization platforms (e.g. VMware, KVM).
  • Knowledge of essential enterprise networking and application protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, LDAP, TLS.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a deep stack of context frames, and you understand what that means.
  • Well-practiced collaborative skills, including verbal and written communication.
  • Self-directed problem-solving capacity; able to explain choices while building consensus with peers and partners.
  • A security-oriented mindset in all operational matters.
  • No fear of the unknown: you are always ready to discover and to build

Desired Skills and Experience: 

  • Cloud virtualization platform background, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • Firewall and security management.
  • A good understanding of virtualization and container technologies abstractly.
  • Knowledge of secondary networking and application protocols such as UDP, SMTP, NTP, SSH, SNMP, Finger.
  • Basic database experience, with some appreciation of data management principles and methods.
  • Linux configuration management systems implementation and configuration such as ansible, puppet, or chef.
  • A strong opinion about vi vs emacs.


ExtraHop is an enterprise cyber analytics and performance monitoring company helping the world’s leading organizations understand and secure their entire environment from core to edge to cloud. Our breakthrough approach to analytics and machine learning helps our customers investigate threats, ensure the delivery of critical applications, and secure their investment in the cloud, resulting in 95% faster threat detection and reducing unplanned downtime by 86% while providing the best possible customer experience.

ExtraHop is recognized by leading organizations for both its innovation in the market and its commitment to building a world-class team. We’ve been named to Wealthfront’s Career-Launching Companies list for the last four years, and JMP Securities put ExtraHop on its 2018 Super 70 List as one of the most strategically positioned private companies in the cybersecurity industry. Credit Suisse recognized ExtraHop as a member of its inaugural Disruptive Technology Recognition Program, and SC Media named ExtraHop a 2019 Industry Innovator for enterprise network traffic analysis.

With well over $100 million in bookings in 2018, and 10x growth in security, the opportunity with ExtraHop has never been greater. Are you ready to rise above the noise?