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StudioX Europe End-to-End Strategist





The Opportunity


WPP is the creative transformation company. We use the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities. 


We are proud to be the global partner for Coca-Cola, a client with whom we share both values and ambition. 


In what has been called the “the biggest advertising pitch in history,” WPP was chosen to connect our talent and skills in a truly borderless way to create an open platform that will multiply the power of creativity for one of the world’s largest and beloved brands.


Welcome to OpenX, our transformational approach that marries WPP, the #1 global network and largest communications holding company in the world, with iconic Coca-Cola valued at 71 billion dollars ,and, with a portfolio of brands that includes Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Smartwater, Minute Maid and Powerade among others.


There’s no magic like the one that comes from outstanding talent collaborating across time zones, regions and markets. It is what we call the “collective ta-da.” That is why being part of OpenX is simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a game changer partnership built with one goal in mind; creating the boldest, most innovative ideas in the history of marketing.



The Role


The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) business is divided into five main categories:  Coca-Cola, Sparkling, Nutrition, Hydration and Emerging. As a End-to-End (E2E) Integration Strategist, you will be expected to work across all categories, inspiring the strategies and approaches that move the Coca-Cola business into the next realm of marketing excellence and consumer experience. You will be capable of collaborating closely with Integration Lead, Creative Strategist, Audience Planner and Media Directors to develop 360-degree integrated brand strategies.  You will be able to gather and organize all data, human and business category insights into a cohesive and compelling brief for our agency’s to execute.  You are expected to create clarity and inspiration around StudioX projects. Ideally, you will have worked in many different types of agencies and be adapt at deciphering and interpreting many facets of strategy, including data, business reports, human insights and client and consumer research. You will work closely with Clients and agency leaders to maintain and enhance the WPP/TCCC relationship, drive insightful creative work, and troubleshoot at the highest levels. You will also be required to lead our new TCCC business through a successful transition to an integrated, open-sourced creative engine, offering up all the WPP capabilities necessary to solve TCCC’s modern marketing challenges.


As the E2E Strategist, you will be a member your particular category team at StudioX, responsible for owning the strategic vision and brief client charters. You will bring to this role your multi-disciplinary thinking, inspiration, and passion for building the next realm of marketing excellence and consumer experience to the Coca-Cola brand.   Specifically, you will:

  • Own the vision & strategy for a consumer-centric experience strategy, integrating multi-disciplinary thinking in one clear strategic framework to support and build Coke’s “Weekly+” consumption goal.
  • Be responsible for organizing and converting key consumer insights into a concise and inspiring brief against which creative teams can execute. 
  • Envisage and define the structure of an idea across the entire consumer experience
  • Be very comfortable with media neutral channel planning
  • Work with Capability leaders/experts to ensure development ideas will deliver against the integrated vision.
  • Partner with capability subject matter experts to integrate specialist thinking into the charter process



The Team 


The E2E Strategist will work closely with the Integration Lead, Creative Strategist, Audience Planner and Media Directors, to deliver brilliant ideas and inspired thinking to the help solve the client’s business challenges.



Senior agency contacts across the WPP StudioX Europe business, with particular focus on:

  • Integration Lead
  • Audience Planner
  • Media Leads
  • Creative Strategists


Senior agency contacts across TCCC, with particular focus on:


  • E2E Europe Connections Team
  • Category Brand Managers and Directors
  • Creative Strategists




What you will bring


You will bring strong leadership credentials, a proven ability to work with senior clients and a track record in driving innovative and inspiring briefs. Your leadership style will embrace the attractions and challenges of an agency environment: you will bring the gravitas to stand up to C-suite clients and agency leaders alike, the energy to pitch in and help with whatever needs doing and the flexibility and accessibility to work with and bring out the best in a diverse group of WPP people and agencies. You will stand out as a candidate for the role if you also bring:

  • A working knowledge of integrated marketing including of strategy, connection insights, media planning, data analytics, social, and creative consumer activations
  • Experience in both client and agency environments
  • An outstanding track record of performance and business growth.
  • Experience working in media agency
  • Proven successful collaboration with complex, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Proven thought-leadership  
  • Willingness to learn, explore, and reinvent.
  • Ability to navigate a complex matrixed organization internally and externally  


You will be an open, optimistic, and extraordinary.  A leader with the highest standards of personal ethics, the emotional intelligence to work collaboratively both within and outside of WPP and its agencies and the guts to discern and do what is right, taking the tough decisions and owning them.



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