EssenceMediacom | Graduate Econometrician

Data, Analytics & Insight
Warsaw, Poland


EssenceMediaCom Business Science is a team of econometricians, data scientists and researchers. We provide advanced analytics and measurement solutions focused on driving business outcomes for our clients.


  • marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) projects execution (data collection, econometric modeling, post-analyses, report creation, presentation delivery),
  • based on various data sources, responsible for the creation of comprehensive analyses in the area of marketing strategy and its optimization,
  • development of analytical and consulting products (methodologies) leveraging econometrics and or data science,
  • collaboration with a group of fast-paced, extremely dedicated coworkers who are all passionate about analytics & econometrics.

What we offer:

  • huge learning experience in practical econometrics use in business,
  • extremely steep learning curve; first 12-24 months are an investment in employee development & growth targeted at becoming able to independently execute MMM projects,
  • becoming a core team member of 20+ econometricians participating in the delivery of local & international MMM projects, cooperating with both external and internal clients,
  • having real and tangible impact on marketing strategies of outstanding brands, very often leaders of respective product categories,
  • great, collaborative and inspiring work atmosphere with open access to people at all positions,
  • various additional benefits like private health care, multisport card and access to learning platforms (DataCamp).


  • education: economics & quantitative field (3rd -5th year students are welcome), e.g. econometrics, statistics, market research, economics, mathematics, other scientific or equivalent practical experience,
  • practical experience working with R & RStudio (e.g. lm function), familiarity with the Tidyverse (dplyr, tidyr, magrittr etc.) is an advantage, but is not required,
  • person full of passion to work at the interface between analytics, data and consulting,
  • attentive and error-avoiding person,
  • very good command of English,
  • readiness to accept challenges,
  • willingness to grow and develop in the area of client relationship building,
  • high priority assigned to constant development of oneself,
  • availability of minimum 36h/week (if student, working hours can be flexibly adjusted to university courses).

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