Director of Sales

Sales Portland, Oregon

Ernest Packaging Solutions, a full-service designer and distributor of quality corrugated packaging, packaging supplies and janitorial products is hiring for an experienced Director of Sales. We are looking for talented individuals with a proven ability to motivate, manage, and develop and grow an outside sales force. 

Director of Sales

The Director of Sales acts at the company’s consummate resource in achieving the long-term loyalty of our customers and managing all sales activities. This is accomplished through a combination of taking ownership of key account relationships and providing leadership, motivation and direction to our sales force. Ultimately, this position is the focal point in our company’s long-term strategy to develop incremental GTM growth through in-depth selling with existing customers and through the acquisition of new customers. 

  • Manage and oversee the company’s sales direction and functions, including development of sales techniques, approaches and measurement standards.
  • Strive to exceed the company’s sales objectives as to GTM production, GTM%, sales performance and customer loyalty.
  • Manage, support and cultivate the development and growth of the sales force.
  • Nurture the close working relationships with our valued supplier partners as it pertains to our core purpose.
  • Maximize account penetration via in-depth selling.
  • Ensure that the company’s sales force alerts senior management to any possible customer problems by immediately communicating complete and accurate information to all parties involved within the company.
  • Respond swiftly, thoroughly and effectively to customer crises to assure satisfactory resolution.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled reviews with the company’s sales force to discuss in-depth account reports, new opportunities, customer problems, competition, industry swings, new product information and introduction and organizational relationships.
  • Act as the point-person for all departments when sales-related issues arise.
  • Establish selling prices and approve deviations within company policy.
  • Support and assist in the implementation of all company policies including credit and collections policies.
  • Implement sales promotions, campaigns and sales contests.
  • Lead monthly sales meetings. 

Operational responsibilities include: 

  • Develop and maintain a yearly business plan that includes programs for improving the profitability of the company.
  • Contributes to building a positive team spirit.
  • Inspires and motivates employees to perform at a high level.
  • Make recommendations to the company for better results, which should include better methods, systems and procedures.
  • Select, hire and train sales team. 


For more than 65 years, Ernest Packaging Solutions has been a responsive, trusted partner providing complete packaging products and systems, as well as value-added process cost savings consulting.