Delivery Driver - Class B Driver

Operations Sacramento, California

The Driver position duties are to safely deliver our products to customers and make will-call pick-ups from our vendors. This includes picking orders, loading trucks, unloading trucks, and operating our material handling and delivery equipment. The Driver’s interaction with our customers, vendors, and fellow employees will help fulfill our company’s commitment to our customers. Ultimately, this position is the focal point for meeting our customer delivery needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.


  1. Uphold the company core values in all dealings with vendors, customers, and the employees.
  2. Assume personal accountability for balancing the demands of delivering to the customer while meeting our company policies for cost containment.
  3. Create, build, and maintain the highest level of respect and loyalty with customers, vendors, and employees.
  4. Insure that all deliveries are made to our customers in a timely and cost efficient manner.


  1. Develop, maintain, and enhance a close working relationship between the company and our customers and suppliers.
  2. Report all issues and opportunities seen at a customer’s site. Communicate all issues directly to the warehouse manager and OPS manager immediately.
  3. Insure that all products are delivered in a safe and presentable manner to the customer.


  1. Insure that all incoming and outgoing products meet or exceed company specifications and that they are handled and stored properly.
  2. Insure correct order pulling and timely delivery of product to our customer.
  3. Meet all customer delivery dates. Report on the status of late deliveries to the Warehouse Manager, Operations Manager or General Manager.
  4. Follow established uniform performance guidelines. This includes quality, safety, and performance standards.
  5. Follow all start and closing times, break periods, and overtime.
  6. Make recommendations to the company for better results, which should include better methods, systems, and procedures.
  7. Attend monthly meetings with the warehouse and delivery personnel to assess safety issues, quality control issues, and review efficient material handling processes.
  8. Responsible for pallet pick-up and exchange with our customers and vendors.
  9. Perform all other duties required by Warehouse Manager.