Purchasing Manager

Operations Fresno, California

Since 1946 Ernest Packaging Solutions an innovative designer and distributor of quality packaging supplies, has been a responsive, trusted partner providing complete packaging products and systems. We are a family owned company and our average employee has been with us for 25 years. We think we're doing something right. 

Expectations and Goals: 

  • Manage, support, and nurture the development, growth, and success of the purchasing staff
  • Strive to exceed the company goals as to gross profit production and the gross profit percentage
  • Monitor the company inventory for turnover, taking special charge of custom, one-customer inventory 


  • Develop, maintain and enhance a close working relationship between the company and our suppliers
  • Establish and maintain close working relationships with the decision-makers of our top suppliers
  • Examine and evaluate marketplace business conditions, vendor opportunities and new product introductions
  • Regularly poll the sales force and vendor representatives for opportunities and concerns 


  • Manage, supervise and be ultimately responsible for all purchasing and inventory functions
  • Responsible for controlling the company inventory, making sure that the inventory level is reviewed monthly and that the levels meet our company month supply levels
  • Stay abreast of market conditions, changes in products, changes in price levels, terms, discounts, allowances, promotions and changes with suppliers
  • Purchase at the lowest costs, improve quality and marketability of our products, and seek new and/or better products that the company can sell competitively at improved gross profit margins
  • Evaluate and offer suggestions to increase results, which should include better methods, systems and procedures
  • Select, hire and train purchasing agents
  • Review the performance of the purchasing staff
  • Review all low gross profit orders with the credit department, sales manager and the director of operations
  • Hold meetings with the purchasing department that assess vendor quality control, new products and promotions