December 2024 Externship

Financial Reporting Scottsdale, Arizona


Equity Methods December 2024 Externship   

If you're interested in seeing how advanced forecasting and budgeting is performed in a complex accounting/finance area, this externship may be for you. Meet Equity Methods professionals, capture a glimpse of the types of problems tackled in consulting, and network with some other outstanding students.   

Registration is now open for this two-day externship in beginning on December 16 and ending on December 17, 2024. We will review applications from over 40 universities to select 18 students to participate in the externship.   

With over 110 professionals and experience serving hundreds of publicly traded clients (including 50 Fortune 100 companies), Equity Methods seeks to combine the best of a large professional services firm with the best of an entrepreneurial, technology-enabled company. We work hard in the quest to have high impact and deliver exemplary client service that supports our client retention and overall growth story. We have consistently been rated a Top Company to Work for in Arizona.   

The Externship in Detail   

Externs will gain exposure to a central problem in forecasting and budgeting for stock-based compensation expense, modeling a real assignment we were given by a Fortune 100 company. Stock compensation is one of this company's top three expenses and subject to numerous moving parts that have historically made forecasting precision an elusive goal. Senior management at this company reached a level of frustration over imprecise forecasting, and asked whether we could help.   

Stock compensation is a principal battleground in which technology and data analytics are being used to change the way in which accounting and finance are done. There are too many moving parts for spreadsheet-based solutions to work. We are passionate about unleashing the power of technology and analytics on complex accounting and finance topics.   

What You’ll Do   

  1. Spend a few hours of online training prior to the start of the externship. Topics will include stock compensation theory, SAS programming tutorials, and insight into the industry landscape
  2. Work toward solving a capstone case in forecasting, which was an actual initiative Equity Methods performed for a Fortune 100 client after senior management demanded lower forecasting-to-actual variances
  3. Lessons in explaining and presenting results from experienced Equity Methods presenters
  4. Spend two days of in-office time, which will be split between training with Equity Methods managers, working on the case, and coaching on your progress
  5. Enjoy lunches and dinners with different Equity Methods professionals of all levels and tenure, giving you a feel for the culture, day-to-day challenges, and practical realities of a career in consulting

Benefits From Participating              

  1. Exposure to the power of technology and data analytics in a core accounting/finance discipline
  2. See how accounting/finance priorities are moving past basic "reporting of the news" (standard SEC reporting) to predicting the news (forecasting and planning)
  3. Interact and network with senior professionals in a nationally recognized consulting practice
  4. Gain applied knowledge that is not taught in school

Candidate Requirements   

  1. Strong academic track record (please be sure to list your GPA on your resume)
  2. Current students at the Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate level pursuing a degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or a related analytical field
  3. Not yet committed to a permanent position with another company at graduation
  4. Resourceful in learning and intellectually curious
  5. Interest in the role of technology in disrupting finance and accounting
  6. Interest in obtaining a consulting position upon graduation
  7. Ability to spend 2-4 hours of pre-externship preparation (baseline tutorials so that you can hit the ground running on day 1)