Operations Coordinator

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Operations Coordinator

About Equity Methods

Equity Methods is a finance, accounting, and human capital consulting firm that embraces the synergistic role of technology and expertise in creating client impact. We deliver impact-rich services across three core practice groups: financial reporting, valuation services, and HR advisory.

With ~100 professionals and experience serving hundreds of publicly traded clients (including 40 Fortune 100 companies), Equity Methods seeks to combine the best of a large professional services firm with the best of an entrepreneurial, technology-enabled company. We work hard in the quest to have high impact and deliver exemplary client service that supports our client retention and overall growth story. We have consistently been rated a Top Company to Work for in Arizona.  

High-Impact Role

Excellence matters to us. We work tirelessly to delight our clients, build outstanding engagement procedures, deliver head-turning thought leadership in our publishing and presenting, and make our own employees feel appreciated and noticed.

As our client service professionals are constantly two feet in taking care of clients, we need a proactive professional to serve a team of internal clients by supporting key internal initiatives. We receive over 1,000 resumes a year and interview many of them, attend over a dozen conferences, execute numerous client events, and always have miscellaneous other strategic initiatives in play.

This is a high-impact, internal client service role. It will serve four primary internal clients: hiring managers leading our recruiting and associate interviewing, business development, marketing, and the CEO on various tasks. The successful candidate will be proactive, organized, comfortable working with different personalities, and able to execute in a fast-paced, judgment-rich environment. We are a culture that values high attention to detail, a bias toward action over talking, strong analytical reasoning, and exceptional judgment.


Summary: We need someone smart, collegial, gracious, wise, tech-savvy, and systems- and learning-oriented

  • Demonstrates a high comprehension level, the ability to work with numbers and spreadsheets, work within budgets, interpret maps and directions, and use software tools
  • Able to communicate succinctly when necessary (the position serves busy executives) and navigate ambiguity with gusto
  • Writes logical, grammatically correct instructions, directions, correspondence, etc.
  • Able to get along with everyone and exhibit collaborative, reasonable behaviors
  • Strong organizational skills, time management, and attention to detail
  • Professional, discreet, able to handle sensitive situations with confidentiality and tact
  • Has sound judgment without being judgmental toward busy colleagues who may be sending one-line emails or falling behind and needing help keeping things straight
  • Self-motivated learner who seeks out relevant information, reads instructions, and thinks things through to their logical conclusion
  • Possesses holistic, systems-oriented thinking: willing and able to adhere to business processes (e.g., saving files with appropriate names in appropriate locations on the network, running decisions by colleagues when additional input is needed); notices when a process has broken down and simplifies or fixes it
  • Requests input and feedback on a regular basis; learns from prior experiences and incorporates learning into day-to-day activities
  • Executes well with limited guidance and direction; figures stuff out; possess a strong reputation for just “getting it”; handles stress well and does not cave in ambiguous situations
  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in any field, but otherwise qualified candidates with alternative credentials will be considered


Roles and Responsibilities

This role will change and evolve over time, but at the current juncture, we anticipate the role serving four distinct internal clients:

 Interview Scheduling

  • Works with hiring managers to coordinate interviews and ensure recruits in the interview process have a white-glove experience
  • Collaborate with the office administrator and hiring managers to identify candidates who are progressing to onsite interviews
  • Contact candidates and schedule onsite interviews and juggle this scheduling with the busy schedules of EM hiring managers doing the interviewing
  • Schedule flights and hotels for out-of-state candidates being flown in
  • Notify candidates of their progression to later interview stages
  • Keep track of the open funnel of interested candidates and ensure that both the candidates and EM hiring managers are constantly apprised of the interview status
  • Competencies and expectations:
    • Reliability and speed: candidates are not lost in the shuffle despite a high volume of emails and cases taking place at any given time, and scheduling is done quickly to ensure interested candidates are not lost
    • Friendly and collaborative partnering with hiring managers, especially in light of them being difficult to pin down due to their competing priorities in serving clients (high empathy and service orientation toward them)
    • Stress management when facing tough deadlines and competing priorities

Conference Logistics Execution

  • Works with business development and marketing teams, as well as outside vendors
  • Maintain and update conference packing lists
  • Order tchotchkes, supplies, food, etc. with an eye toward cost and value
  • Pack and ship marketing materials: booth, equipment, brochures, TL, tchotchkes, dinner gifts, etc. Double-check and complete checklists to ensure there are no surprises
  • Coordinate event invitations (paper and digital) and manage RSVP list
  • Coordinate with marketing and practice leaders to finalize arrangements
  • Handle conference and travel logistics, including conference sponsorships, hotel and airline reservations, etc.
  • Participate in updating tickler lists; share information with other groups as needed
  • Competencies and expectations:
    • Detail orientation and carefulness
    • Proactive advanced planning so there are not avoidable scrambles in the weeks leading up to a conference
    • Over-communication to key stakeholders so they are always in the loop

Client Dinner Events

  • Works with and accepts direction from the consulting and marketing teams
  • Support efforts to research dinner venues that align with the strategic goals of the event
  • Balance cost, quality, and simplicity, demonstrating excellent judgment
  • Support contact reach-out efforts by reviewing lists to ensure airtight accuracy, helping to ghost-write emails, track RSVPs, and interface with our marketing automation software
  • Negotiate with dinner venues to arrive at final terms; be on top of all the details
  • Competencies and expectations:
    • Excellent polish when interacting with attendees before and after the event
    • Nails the logistics so that attendees know exactly where to be and when, the event unfolds according to plan, and there are few to no fire drills
    • Careful, resulting in excellent documentation and clarity so events run smoothly

Team Support

  • Works with practice leaders on small or large tasks that improve the quality of the EM associate experience
  • Provide support for business travel, including maintaining a trip calendar, travel coordination, and meeting preparation
  • Help track client contact information
  • Assist with receipts and expense reimbursement
  • Pick up lunch, coffee, run errands, etc. for associates during peak busy periods

Initiative and Project Management

  • Works with and accepts direction from the consulting, operations, and marketing teams
  • Track and nudge progress forward on open initiatives; give them a heartbeat
  • Use diplomacy and an understanding of the project’s big picture to nudge progress, but without nagging and cajoling
  • Make decisions and resolve issues; build a track record of exercising good judgment