Executive Producer

Content Production New York, New York


The Producer is a creative advertising practitioner with special skills in film and sound. He/she is responsible for bringing the creative concept to life via TV, radio, video, etc. and by managing all production activities including director search, studio /supplier negotiation and bidding, pre-production preparation, shooting, recording, editing, and final shipping. Prior advertising agency experience is required.


  • Partners with art directors and copywriters to bring their concepts for television and radio commercials to life. Makes thoughtful creative contributions and works to elevate the concept via the production process.
  • Provides counsel to account management and creative teams on audio-visual effects that best fit each project’s needs at reasonable expense.
  • Partners with account management teams to plan and implement production budgets/estimates upon client approval of storyboards, scenarios, and/or scripts.
  • Effectively and persuasively presents plans, estimates, etc. to account management and creative teams as well as to the client.
  • Solicits and reviews directors’ reels, provides recommendations for director selection, and coordinates final director selection.
  • Solicits bids, reviews, negotiates, and selects production vendors/suppliers.
  • Prepares production schedules and final budgets/estimates – obtains approval of new costs prior to a production.
  • Assists with coordination of audio work, scenes, music, timing, camera work, and script writing.
  • Assists with selection and coordination of cast principals.
  • Obtains costumes, props, music or other equipment or personnel to complete production.
  • Manages to approved budget through all phases of production.
  • Directs flow of production through pre-production meetings, casting, shooting, recording, editing, music, opticals, color correction, and final client approval.
  • Creativity, perceptivity, and logic.
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive under daily deadline pressures.
  • Superior administrative and project management skills - ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects with different workflows and deadlines simultaneously.
  • A great work ethic.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Proven ability to proactively identify and address problems quickly and independently and to make quick but informed decisions.
  • Demonstrated business communication skills (written and verbal) – ability to effectively communicate and interact with people at various levels and in various disciplines of business and production.
  • Demonstrated relationship management skills – ability to form and maintain strong relationships and partnerships with people at various levels and in various disciplines of business and production.


  • 4+ years prior work experience as a producer for an ad agency, film or video production company, or TV station. Prior agency experience is required.
  • Strong creative eye for producing visual assets 
  • Excellent technical knowledge of film/video production capabilities and processes.
  • Experience managing full gamut of production (live action, stills, animation, digital, etc.)