Creative New York, New York Greenville, South Carolina United States


The pen is way mightier than the sword when you’re at a shop that gets your words built, shot, edited, coded, prototyped, posted and fabricated 100% in-house. Here, you’re the wordsmith. And we’ve got a blacksmith. No really, we do. His name’s Karl. Anyway, that’s why EP+Co is looking for a Copywriter with story ideas, one-liners, long form, short form, a voice, many voices... maybe an eye for design and some handy albeit rough photoshop skills. Our team of makers, doers and unthinkers are standing by for your call, or a wordsmithed email. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create work that is in line with the strategy smart people came up with
  • Be able to work and play nice with Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers, Account folks, and all other coworkers
  • Media agnostic thinking
  • Hands-on approach during production, from pre to post
  • Ability to hit deadlines like Steph Curry hits a 3
  • A mentor to the younger team members


Required Experience:

  • Proof you’ve done this before, and you’re good at it
  • 2 years of experience in an agency environment or something similar
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or relevant work experience
  • A portfolio