Sr. Staff Layout Engineer

ASIC Engineering Bangalore, India



Enphase is looking for experienced Analog Mixed Signal layout engineers. These engineers need to be hands on experienced layout professionals conversant in standard CMOS and the BCD process based layout work.

This position is in our ASIC Engineering Team Reporting to the Director of Analog Mixed Signal Design in Bangalore India.


Work closely with our ASIC and Analog mixed signal design engineers to create high quality compact Analog layout for the ASIC and Analog Mixed signal IP and products. Work will involve understanding Analog schematics, Floor Planning the modules, conceptualizing and executing module level layout, signal routing and placement of modules, knowing standard Analog layout techniques for high performance Analog circuits, completion of Physical verification involvingĀ  DRC/LVS and other DFM requirements. Work will also involve ensuring delivery of Analog modules to ASIC team per the requirements of a Hard IP delivery suitable for ASIC integration. This may also involve leading and mentoring junior level layout designers.


Experience with Cadence layout tools, BCD and CMOS process. Proven track record of taking Schematics and turning them into compact production worthy layouts. Experience is required for leading the layout of sensitive Analog modules like Amplifiers, references, data converters, Buffers, and power modules like LDOs. Candidate is expected to have a keen eye on the quality of layout in light of their expected Analog performance. Having an insight into the high level functionality of Analog blocks and their dependence on layout is a plus. Candidate will be required to have analytical capability and insights to help the designers on the matters of physical design of modules. Having a Bachelors in EE is preferred, an MS in Microelectronics is a plus.

This position is based in Bangalore


Proven track record in Analog mixed signal based chip designs demonstrating at least 10-15 years of subject matter experience