Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Engineering Budapest, Hungary

Job Overview

Ekata provides global identity verification via enterprise-grade APIs and a SaaS solution. Our product suite is powered by Ekata Identity Engine, the first and only cross-border identity engine of its kind. It uses complex machine learning algorithms across the five consumer attributes of email, phone, name, physical address, and IP to derive unique data links and features from billions of real-time transactions within our customer network and the globally sourced data of our graph. Businesses around the world including Alipay, Stripe, Airbnb, and Microsoft leverage our solutions to approve more good transactions, reduce friction, and find fraud.


We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work in our Budapest office, who thrives on designing, coding, and maintaining high-performance data processing applications on the JVM platform (primarily in Clojure and Scala), running on AWS. Our ideal candidate would have deep experience building internal and external APIs with the most fitting tools and the passion to champion new and exciting technologies to solve Ekata's unique and challenging problems.


Your ideal job should be one where you work in a small team and are empowered to make yourself and your team more productive on a daily basis. You should want to be part of a team where your desire to grow and learn is valued and aptly rewarded; where using and contributing to open source are looked upon as an asset; where innovating and executing are core to your teams' beliefs.

In the Senior Software Engineer role you will:

       Consistently writing performant code and features in a timely fashion and high quality. Consider business priorities and suggest real-time changes as needed.

       Designs component where the business problem is defined but the technical strategy is not. Defines the design and overall engineering strategy. Delivers with limited to no technical guidance.

       Owns detailed design, has knowledge across platforms. Aligns with changing business requirements or upstream systems. Holds system overview sessions for broader knowledge dispersion.

       Effective sense of urgency and risks management on project timelines and propose creative strategies for ensuring delivering on schedule.

       Earns trust across cross teams. Insists on the highest standards, stands up for decisions. Drive towards system improvement and changes while keeping the team in consensus with business priorities in mind.

      Uphold and elevate technical & security standards and consistently apply best practices. Sets the right example and leads with guidance.

       Impacts system architecture. Design/code improves downstream systems, yields significant performance, availability, or business value.

       Provide ongoing maintenance, support, and enhancements in existing systems and platforms. Improves feature efficiency, code quality, testability, and stability.

       Improves overall system efficiency with growing business needs. Is mindful of not accumulating tech debt. Implements process improvement and identifies pain points.

       Provides mentorship across teams and helps to hire and grow the best. Leads code reviews and insists on the highest standards.

Our ideal Senior Software Engineer will have:

       Proficiency in functional programming;

       A desire to participate in R&D projects

       Data-Driven problem solving

       Solid understanding of functional design, algorithms, data structures, networking, database design, and optimization;

       Deep knowledge of data storage and data processing systems and web service APIs;

       Knowledgeable of scaling techniques (caching, message queues, eventual consistency, etc.);

       Proven experience designing and building highly scalable and available production web services starting from the data storage layer;

       Strong understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC);

       A philosophy of iteration and continuous improvement;

       Proven ability to write clean code, which is readable, maintainable, and follows best practices and coding standards

       A desire to own design and architecture end to end;

       Expertise in a variety of relevant areas: distributed computing, database optimization, high volume computation, caching, messaging, ETL are preferred;

       Excellent written and spoken English;

       5+ years experience in software development;

Unwavering in our pursuit of standardizing global identity data, we are approachable, real people that genuinely care about the success of those we partner with. With a commitment to service, innovation, and ownership, Ekata is a dynamic place to work for folks who want to make an impact on a global scale. We provide learning & development opportunities for each employee and promote work-life flexibility through self-managed time off. Headquartered in downtown Seattle, Ekata is growing internationally with offices in Budapest, Hungary, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

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Ekata prides itself on celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and being an equal-opportunity employer.