Production Two Rivers, Wisconsin

  • Set up and perform operations of normal or usual complexity using variety of machinery
  • Review and follow instructions provided on ship orders, prints, sketches or sample materials
  • Perform assembly operations on various materials such as door jambs, transoms, applied moulding, panel assembly and profile wrapped trim, etc.
  • Develop and train new employees
  • Operate and understand capabilities and limitations of all department machinery
  • Analyze and plan jobs of average complexity
  • Read measurement tools and convert metric to imperial number system
  • Analyze prints, sketches, blueprints, templates and drawings
  • Direct efforts of others in same occupation
  • Produce production reports
  • Move loads as needed using manual and electric shop cart
  • Communicate effectively with teams, coworkers, management and office personnel
  • Work independently and in a team environment
  • Meet company-wide continuous improvement goals
  • Perform cleaning tasks as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned