Freelance TikTok/Reels Content Creator

Marketing/Brand Management United States


We are looking for multiple freelance TikTok/Reels Content Creators to create trending video content and help grow our presence across Dreyer's multiple brands on TikTok and Instagram .


  • Develop new creative, highly engaging video content to grow brand TikTok and Instagram accounts.
  • Film an average of 2 videos per week in alignment with brand strategy and relevant social media trends. 
  • Meet with social media coordinator bi-weekly to review content, discuss ideas, trends, and TikTok/Reels strategy.
  • Have a pulse on the latest TikTok and social media trends, and ideate how the brands show up on these platforms.


  • 1+ year experience in social media/content creation, with an emphasis on short-form video content.
  • Experience and knowledge of TikTok/Reels, including filming, editing, TikTok features, and relevant trends. 
  • Creative, innovative personality who is passionate about digital storytelling and community building.


When applying please include:

-Link to personal social media handles

-Portfolio with example video work



Upon selection you will be asked to answer prompts that showcase your content creation skills.