Supply Planner

Logistics/Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation Bakersfield, California


  1. Maintain Finished Goods stocks at budget or below
  2. Ensure the MRP system within SAP is up to date at all times and operational
  3. Report weekly KPIs
  4. Budget in control for Supply Chain.
  5. Plan finished goods and maintain 98.5% service level,
  6. Close working relationship with R&D, planning trials and first productions of new products
  7. Working with Supply chain across the group
  8. Attend DRM in the factory
  9. Four week rolling daily scheduled plan agreed with factory manager and line supervisors
  10. Twelve months rolling capacity plan updated weekly.
  11. Full knowledge of the factory production lines, capabilities and mix plan.
  12. Weekly mix plan schedule and works orders created by Wednesday for the week after.
Attend daily supply chain meeting after the DRM