$20/Hour - Night Shift - Dry Warehouse

Manufacturing/Operations Fort Wayne, Indiana



Role Description



Job Title:

Warehouse Operator



Reports to:

Supply Chain Supervisor


Supply Chain

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Main Purpose of the job [statement about why the role is there, what the role is to achieve:

Effective and consistent handling of all assigned warehouse activities. A good understanding of the machinery & processes ensuring you achieve the desired results in terms of Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Waste. Attention to detail and always operating within the required parameters of your assignment.

Job Description

Role and Activity

  • Receive, store, and deliver all materials to the Production Lines in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Make cost effective decisions in a timely manner. This includes quality, safety, speed, and waste.
  • Have the computer skills and aptitude to operate various warehouse management systems (SAP and RF) spreadsheets, word-processing documents, etc.
  • Properly fill out all paperwork needed for operations.
  • Ensure that all packaging and raw materials are properly rotated on a First Expired First Out (FEFO) basis.
  • Verify Lot Control and FEFO is used for all floor deliveries and returns.
  • Ensure that partial pallets are delivered to the line first to prevent multiple partial pallets of the same resource.
  • Ensure that all materials received from vendors are properly received by Lot Number and quantity, and that all product received meets quality standards. Notify coach of any truck delivery that is not up to standard (i.e. truck not clean, truck not at correct temperature, loads tipped or spilled, etc.)
  • Maintain good housekeeping in all Dry Warehouse storage, receiving, and tempering areas (includes ambient and frozen receiving docks, ambient, 40 degree and -20 warehouse locations, flammable rooms, tempering and hot box areas, all staging areas and pallet transfer areas) forklifts, work carts, stretch wrap machines, conveyors, dock and floors.
  • Keep rack locations safe and usable, restacking or up righting any tipped pallets in racking.  Always maintain safety requirements such as wearing fall protection harness.
  • Collect supplied for Dry Warehouse when they arrive via postal or common carrier delivery.
  • Collect, sort and organize pallets from Dry Warehouse placing damaged pallets in pallet recycling trailer.
  • Monitor the availability, condition and usage of plastic pallets to ensure that product is not setup on plastic pallets too far in advance.  When return to stock product is received in the warehouse minimize the number of plastic pallets that are returned to the racks. Place all damaged plastic pallets out of service.
  • Safely transfer pallets from wood to plastic using the Pallet Transfer System and/or forklifts
  • Be certified on safe operation of all Material Handling Equipment.
  • Act with a sense of urgency to accomplish goals and tasks.
  • You are responsible for your performance, efficiencies, waste, quality, safety, results.
  • Ensure complete and accurate shift hand off.
  • Ensure Receiving Board is complete and up to date.
  • Act with a sense of urgency to accomplish goals and tasks.
  • Know and understand department metrics of quality, reliability and safety.
  • You are responsible for your performance, efficiencies, waste, quality, safety, results.
  • Lead Pre-Shift meetings as necessary and conduct shift hand offs.
  • Follow, monitor and understand all GMP/HACCP/QMS and product safety regulations.
  • Keep waste to a minimum.
  • Report any and all damage immediately.
  • Swipe in and out on time. Be at your work area as scheduled and on time to pre and post shift meetings.
  • Stay focused at all times! Make timely decisions. Find root cause and solution to problems.
  • Communicate with team and supervisor. Keep them informed of any issues.
  • Perform other job duties as assigned.
  • Train others as assigned.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Reducing trends of rejections from food safety and quality issues
  • Hygiene, Quality and safety audits improving week over week
  • Effective interaction with the production team
  • Quality and improvement initiatives being implemented
  • Reduction in accidents and incidents on a YOY basis
  • Making sure all packaging is returned to the warehouse
  • Ensuring all trucks are received in a timely manner reducing demurrage
  • Clean organized warehouse at all times

Levels of responsibility

  • Service level to production
  • Inventory Control
  • Health & Safety
  • Impeccable hygiene standards always
  • All material handling equipment


  • Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating.
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence.Hygiene, Process, Labor resource and Waste. Continuing to strive to increase knowledge of processes and products. Understand all tasks, be an expert in your area.
  • TeamworkCommitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes
  • Accuracy - Attention to details.
  • Urgency - Always ready to respond.


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