Staffing Scheduler - 2nd Shift - Laurel, MD

Manufacturing/Operations Laurel, Maryland



Role Description

We’re starting a new chapter in our journey as Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, now part of Froneri. Having nearly 100 years of winning experience in the U.S with a robust portfolio of powerhouse brands that consumers know and love, and the backing of a global pure-play ice cream organization, we’re poised to accelerate growth.

Headquartered in the Bay area, a hub for up and coming food trends, we focus on both the future and the present. In both our offices and our factories, we are determined to overcome obstacles, learn from failure, and raise our game. With a renewed focus on frozen treats, our tight-knit team of ambitious innovators are fully immersed in the business and encouraged to flex and make decisions quickly. We are committed to pursuing every great idea, and delivering the best ice cream experience to our consumers, when are where they want it.

Unleash your potential at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and discover what a sweet career has in store for you.

2nd Shift Position
Weekly schedule will include a weekend day

Main Purpose of the Position:

  • Ensures a staffing plan is in place to help production provide quality product while running efficiently and safely with the right staff.  Manages onboarding & training of new employees and takes care of any physical or logical movements of people so that cost reporting is accurate. Supports recruitment of new staff so that the right people are staffed to produce quality ice cream in a safe way to ensure good line performance and low waste.   

Job Description:

Proactive Staffing:

  • Manages and has full authority for analyzing, creating, and executing factory staffing schedule.  Makes necessary recommendations to Production Leadership Team for more effective schedule/shift patterns. Has a responsibility to lead cross-functional communication and effectively communicate to stakeholders (Operators, Line Leads, Supervisors, and Local Leadership Team Managers) to ensure they are aware of staffing and attendance needs.
  • Participates in organization production planning and crewing meetings to review production schedules and ensure proper staffing.  Regularly reviews production schedules and production head count standards by product to determine correct staffing needs in future schedules. Analyzes HOW (Hours of Work Violations) data and comes up with interactive solutions to protect employees and the business.
  • Responsible for ensuring shift staffing plan/schedule is fully achieved on time and in compliance with internal and external requirements. This is done by managing people, safety, quality, cost, delivery and environmental needs at the Laurel factory.
  • Reviews and informs Supervisors of any PTO requests for more effective scheduling.  Supervisors will approve or decline PTO requests formally.  Reviews and managing switching of employees that does not aggravate the business.
  • Provide direction to the Staffing Agency to ensure any attendance gaps in Production, Maintenance, Warehouse, Repack, EPSU (Cleaning Crew) are filled timely.


Reactive Staffing:

  • Manages attendance and ensures attendance trackers are accurate and up to date. Schedules employees to meet the needs of the business across all lines on all shifts. Reviews attendance for oncoming shift and proactively facilitate closure of gaps prior to shift hand-off. Attendance includes having coverage for anyone on PTO, LOA, FMLA, Bereavement, Jury Duty, Military duty.
  • Manages daily reorganization of labor in partnership with Supervisors to ensure proper staffing across lines. Manages call outs and any attendance violations from UKG (time keeping system).  Makes necessary adjustments in UKG (Cost Center changes) in a timely manner for an employee working Overtime, Training or any other reason to work on a different line.
  • Tracks, creates & provides Corrective Actions to Supervisors to deliver to employees for attendance violations. Ensures corrective actions are delivered in a timely manner by covering for supervisor in the deliver if absolutely necessary.  



  • Manages training for staff by working with production, primarily Line Leads and Supervisors, to identify gaps and works with the training department to develop a training plan.  With approval, updates schedule accordingly to execute training plan and helps evaluate effectiveness of training. Escalates post training skill gaps to Supervisors or Production Leadership.


Employee Onboarding:

  • Participates in production interviews focused on staffing the lines to close gaps.  Helps coordinate onboarding & training for new employees to ensure effective staffing.
  • Other duties as assigned


Measurable Outcomes

  • Low % of staff openings for Full Time & Temporary Employees
  • Good Line Performance & Waste (from fully staffed lines per standard)
  • Shop floor follow up with recruited team making sure you build a good and close relationship with them
  • Staffing lines  & coding any gaps with a sense of urgency



  • Performance – Prioritizes activities and overcomes obstacles to get results, meet objectives and deadlines.
  • Hands on approach. – Identifies and researches appropriate sources for relevant information in order to answers questions and provide accurate advice.
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence. – Looks for ways to improve services, sharing ideas for improvement with colleagues and managers and being actively involved in implementing agreed changes.  
  • EntrepreneurialProvides accurate impartial advice maintaining confidentiality and professionalism at all times.
  • Continually striving to increase knowledge of processes and products - Understand all tasks, processes and activities undertaken by the team.
  • TeamworkEstablishes and maintains constructive and mutually supportive relationships with colleagues and other key stakeholders.
  • AccountabilityTakes pride in and accepts accountability for the accuracy of their work, decisions made, and advice given. Applies attention to detail and achieves high levels of accuracy.
  • Consumer & customer focusedPromoting the principles of customers paying our wages.
  • Know Your People – Spend time getting to know your people, their skills, interests, knowledge, etc.