Specialist, Factory Quality

Quality Assurance/Food Safety Bakersfield, California


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The Quality Specialist performs a variety of quality control tests/inspections and/or standard microbiological, chemical, physical, or sensory testing on products, materials, components, etc. at various stages of the production process to ensure compliance with quality standards.  They will manage finished product release criteria (i.e. net contents, sensory program, Critical Control Point [CCP]).  Responsibilities will also include internal auditing, recording statistical data and analyzing production data to verify compliance or determine deviation from existing standards. They will work closely with the Quality Team to help identify, solve and prevent problems affecting quality and food safety.



·       Employee shall lead by example compliance to required GMP, quality and food safety requirements.

·       Escalate quality or food safety findings or incidents to management.

·       Supports improvement initiatives

·       Assist, coach and train line operators in attaining quality standards


·       Quality specialist will be assigned to assist quality supervisor with oversight in hygiene, operational quality or food safety/compliance. Specific assignments will be given by quality supervisor and will relate to supervisor’s area of oversight.

·       Oversight of assigned systems to ensure they are in compliance with sanitation, food safety, regulatory and/or quality requirements.  Oversight includes auditing, coaching, identifying and closing gaps and reporting system integrity to supervisor quarterly.     

·       Verify key quality/food safety checks by observation of line operators performing checks.  Verification will be performed on all shifts, documented and done at frequency specified to the system requirements.

·       Participate on food safety team as assigned.

·       Perform pre-requisite program audits as assigned, follow up on CA and complete documentation.

·       Perform CIP line inspections as needed.  CIP line inspections include visual verification, micro swabs and ATP swabs.

Systems that can be assigned to Qualtiy Specialist include:

·       Allergen management program

·       Finished Products: release, hold and rework/reprocessing documentation review.

·       Raw Material: release and hold

·       Sensory program

·       Customer complaints

·       Production run line extensions

·       Environmental Monitoring Program

·       Foreign Objects

·       Glass/Brittle program

·       Micro correlation studies

·       Document control for quality, food safety and/or micro records

Measurable Outcomes

·       CPMU reduction

·       Respect of GMP and distribution of the “lesson learnt “

·       Reduction of pallets on holds

·       Reduction of food safety incidents

·       Being on the shop floor making ice-cream


Levels of responsibility

·       Complete checks on lines

·       Communicate out of specification results to line management and quality management

·       Inspection of lines after sanitation activities


·       Performance – Pay attention to detail in executing checks.  Be enthusiastic quality advocate.

·       Hands on approach –Follow schedule in executing checks and inspections.  Communicate results with the line leadership.  Know and understand the role

·       Zero compromise on Quality and excellence – When in the plant use looking eyes to ensure plant is making products according to specification and in compliance for GMP and food safety standards. 

·       Entrepreneurial – Always strives to be creative, wants to present the best products possible from a maintained, clean and safe factory environment

·       Continually striving knowledge of the process and product - Logical, creative and committed. Able to problem solve

·       Teamwork – Work with quality team and production by participating in meeting and communicating quality expectations.

·       Accountability – Monitor and guarantee the respect of the quality standards and GMP in order to avoid complaints and consumer safety issues.

·       Consumer focused – When completing checks remember the consumer and their expectations.





B.S. in Food Science, Microbiology, Chemistry, or another related field required. Will consider 5+ years’ experience in Quality Assurance role in lieu of degree