Ice Cream Maker One (Sanitation) Laurel, MD

Manufacturing/Operations Laurel, Maryland



We’re starting a new chapter in our journey as Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, now part of Froneri. Having nearly 100 years of winning experience in the U.S with a robust portfolio of powerhouse brands that consumers know and love, and the backing of a global pure-play ice cream organization, we’re poised to accelerate growth.


Headquartered in the Bay area, a hub for up and coming food trends, we focus on both the future and the present. In both our offices and our factories, we are determined to overcome obstacles, learn from failure, and raise our game. With a renewed focus on frozen treats, our tight-knit team of ambitious innovators are fully immersed in the business and encouraged to flex and make decisions quickly. We are committed to pursuing every great idea, and delivering the best ice cream experience to our consumers, when are where they want it.


Unleash your potential at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and discover what a sweet career has in store for you.


Main Purpose


Effective and consistent running of the machine you are assigned to. Always working to achieve production targets through effective interaction with the processes. A good understanding of the machinery & ensuring you achieve the desired results in terms of Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Waste. This will be achieved through having the knowledge and understanding of the assigned machines on the line, process, and products. Attention to detail and always operating within the required parameters of your machines.


Job Description


Role and Activity


  • To ensure your machines are clean but not damaged by excess water, always organized and operating under discipline
  • Operate to standard operating procedures
  • Have basic ice cream knowledge, understanding the “WHY”, not just the HOW
  • Ensure limited water is used when cleaning with “clean as you go” principle
  • Correct use, storage and set up of all equipment
  • Ensure effective hand over with Maintenance and next shift, all faults and issues reported
  • To drive the production process to ensure that the products produced meet customer specification, quality and food safety.
  • To ensure production meets targeted outputs through effective control of the manufacturing process
  • To communicate effectively with the entire team
  • Ensure health and safety requirements are fully met and a positive safety culture is maintained throughout the line
  • Ensure you walk the talk always using the looking eyes, attend to the issues as and when they happen
  • Promote the Froneri culture of employees being owners rather than just employees
  • Following the principle of “will I do this to my home?”
  • Other duties as assigned



Measurable Outcomes 


  • Reducing trends of rejections from food safety and quality issues
  • Hygiene, GMP and safety audits improving week over week
  • Daily, weekly, monthly production targets are fully met
  • Effective interaction with the team
  • Quality and improvement initiatives being implemented
  • Reduction in accidents and incidents on a YOY basis
  • De-kitting the line and making sure all packaging is returned to the warehouse
  • Ensuring line is checked after being cleaned and all tools are stored in the correct places
  • No stagnant water left in any equipment



Levels of responsibility


  • Quality and technical system adherence
  • Completion of the required production to plan
  • Your machines 
  • Reading and learning about the proper use and running of your machines
  • User manuals for your machines
  • Health and Safety
  • Impeccable hygiene standards always 
  • Clean as you go with No Ghost Busters.
  • Machine tools and ancillary equipment





  • Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating. 
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence – Hygiene, Process, Labor resource and Waste. 
  • Continually striving to increase knowledge of the processes and products - Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in your area.
  • Teamwork – Commitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes
  • Accuracy - Attention to details. 
  • Urgency - Always ready to respond.
  • Know Your People – Spend time getting to know your people, their skills, interests, knowledge, etc.



Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc. is an equal employment and affirmative action employer and looking for diversity in qualified candidates for employment.