Maintenance Supervisor Nights - Industrial Manufacturing

Engineering/Packaging Laurel, Maryland


Position Title: Maintenance Shift Supervisor

General Position Description:
To coordinate and supervise the activities of Maintenance Technicians based on daily support to entire site, outstanding work orders and special/emergency requests in accordance with individual Technician's skills and abilities. Maintain sound communication with Maintenance Team and Purchasing to ensure needed maintenance parts, equipment inventory reports are correct and calculate minimum reorder levels. Compile maintenance reports and evaluate and recommend course of action for downtime, work orders, preventative maintenance schedule, etc. These activities are carried out to assure management information is available in a timely and accurate manner, drive continuous improvement, and to assist in scheduling daily maintenance activities in an optimum manner.

Reports To: Maintenance Manager

Location: Laurel Factory

Position Responsibilities:

' Supervises and coordinates the activities of Maintenance Technicians daily based upon production schedules.
' Reviews work orders and preventative maintenance needs, considering such factors as priority, production schedules and material and parts availability. Assigning Maintenance Technicians based upon skills required.
' Assigns Maintenance Technicians in response to requests from production, recognizing the areas requiring immediate response to prevent downtime.
' Reviews factory downtime reports daily and discuss with the Technicians where improvements can be made.
' Develops and distributes preventative maintenance schedules for equipment. Continuously re-evaluate PM schedules for optimal efficiency.
' Ensures Work Order assignments are completed in timely manner.
' Develops work schedules to utilize maintenance skills and personnel availability.
' Strives to make our facility a safer place to work through compliance with regulatory
' Works on system wide maintenance network team to ensure coordination of activities, plans, problem-solving, and other plant wide issues.
' Participates on planning, scheduling and supporting factory coverage as necessary.
' Develops and implement skill building plans for individuals and the department, including standard operating procedures.

Required Experience:
' PC proficiency as well as excellent organizational and communication skills are a must.
' Ability to develop a strong maintenance team in a high performing environment.
' Strong problem-solving/troubleshooting skills
' Knowledge in automatic controls is desired
' Planning and scheduling and budgeting
' CMMS / work order experience

Education & Relevant Experience:
' Engineering Degree or equivalent experience is preferred. Military and Work experience will be considered in lieu of formal education
' Three (3) or more years experience in a manufacturing environment and knowledge of Utilities/Facilities/Production equipment maintenance.

' Adaptable - Adjust approach to match varied task requirements; Adjust behavior to others' styles; Change priorities to meet changing demands; Adjust quickly to new responsibilities and tasks
' Building and Leading a Successful Team - Develop structure; Facilitate goal accomplishment; Involve others; Inform others on team; Model commitment. This dimension addresses the ability to lead others through influence, motivation and delegation while enhancing a culture of ownership.
' Coaching - Helping employees develop their knowledge and skills; providing timely feedback, guidance, and training to help them reach goals.
' Communication - Organize the communication; Maintain audience attention; Adjust to the audience; Ensure understanding; Adhere to accepted conventions; Comprehend communication from others. The key skills in this area are group facilitation, information sharing, ability to facilitate groups in conflict, listening, writing communication, and the use of key principles
' Information Monitoring - Identify monitoring needs; Develop monitoring systems; Implement tracing systems; Review data
' Planning and Organization - prioritize activities and assignments; Determine tasks and resources; Schedule appropriate amounts of time for completing work; Leverage resources. The key focus of this dimension is the ability to plan. To see what needs to be accomplished, to organize for execution and delivery of results

' Applied Learning - Actively participate in learning activities; quickly gain knowledge, understanding or skill; apply knowledge or skill. This attribute will address the candidate's technical knowledge of all production operations. This position also requires an understanding of computer-based information systems.
' Building Partnerships - Identify partnership needs within 'upstream' and 'downstream' teams; explore partnership opportunities; formulate action plans; subordinate own area's goals; monitor partnership by encouraging feedback



  • Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating. Operate under controlled speed and pressure
  • Hands on approach. – Decisions and plans based on looking and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading. Know and understand the process and machinery
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence. – Hygiene, Process, speed and Wastage.
  • Entrepreneurial – Challenges the status quo and explores new ideas and opportunities
  • Continually striving knowledge of the process and product - Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in Ice cream.
  • Teamwork – Commitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes, with a sense of customer service towards the factory
  • Accountability – Personal commitment, Methodical and self-disciplined, Logical thinking
  • Consumer focused –Help produce products that meets quality standards