Quality Supervisor

Quality Assurance/Food Safety Bakersfield, California


At Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, we are excited to start a new chapter of accelerated growth as part of Froneri – a global pure-play ice cream leader. Come help us transform DGIC into the #1 ice cream brand! With nearly 100 years of winning experience in the U.S, a robust portfolio of powerhouse brands that consumers know and love such as Häagen-Dazs, Drumstick, Dreyer’s & Edy’s, and the backing and coaching of European-based ice cream experts, we know we have the winning recipe.

Headquartered in Oakland, the Bay Area’s hub for up and coming food trends, our teams across our offices and factories are raising the bar on all things ice cream. We are investing in significant capital expansions to grow our Operations and Supply Chain and are transforming how we work at every level to become agile, accelerate growth and elevate our quality. With a renewed focus on frozen treats, our tight-knit team of ambitious innovators are fully immersed in the business and encouraged to flex and make decisions quickly. We are committed to pursuing every great idea and delivering the best ice cream experience for our consumers, when and where they want it. Unleash your potential at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and discover what a sweet career we have in store for you.


·       Developing high quality standards and ownership across value chain

·       Lead by example to carry out all duties and specific responsibilities operational Quality and Food Safety Policies and Procedures.

·       Promote the culture change towards behavioral quality improvements

·       Provide expertise to operations for promoting and executing quality to provide customers with exceptional ice cream experience

·       Direct and supervise the quality specialists and quality techs to ensure daily activities promote production of quality ice cream products on the lines

·       Partner with operations management on key quality checks to be completed by line operators.  Checks need to be evaluated periodically to ensure they are in line with hold and complaint data.

·       Manage quality hold program and partner with operations to complete lesson learnt (root cause) and implement corretive action identified. Provide trend data to demonstrate effectivess of corrective action implementation.

·       Provide leadership on customer complaint reduction by partnering with operations on strategies to reduce complaints by using complaint trend data to priotize actions.

·       Oversee and provide leadership on the net content to establish facility specific rules to ensure compliance to both volume and weight targets

·       Provide support to TAG on new product launches or formulation when requested.

·       Identify, communicate to plant operations and apply “Best Practices” within the facility or from the broader network.

·       Drive improvements and monitor Quality Metrics/KPI's at the facility

·       Challenge all departments on quality and food safety related

·       Provide support to GMP and HACCP, FSMA FSP compliance through out the facility, by coaching operators when on the floor and promoting minimal water use during production.

·       Ensure compliance to internal and external audits i.e. FSSC 22000/Market audits

·       Provide support to local, State and Federal agencies when requested by local quality management

·       Drive Monthly reviews of KPI’s and contribute towards meeting the yearly business goals for the facility.

·       Monitor and assess performance of the quality systems, report their effectiveness to management and implement actions for improvement

Measurable Outcomes

·       CPMU reduction

·       Respect of GMP and distribution of the “lesson learnt “

·       Reduction of pallets on holds

·       Reduction of food safety incidents

·       Being on the shop floor making ice-cream

·       Drive improvements from benchmarking improvements

Levels of responsibility

·       Deploy QA standards

·       Achieve QA targets defined at market level (CPMU, RFT, CRQS…)

·       Hold program

·       Net Content execution


Leadership and Commitment

Top management shall demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the FSMS by:

a.       Ensuring that the food safety policy and the objectives of the FSMS are established and are compatible with the strategic direction of the organization;

b.       Ensuring the integration of the FSMS requirements into the organization’s business processes;

c.        Ensuring that the resources needed for the FSMS are available;

d.       Communicating the importance of effective food safety management and conforming to the regulatory requirements, and mutually agreed customer requirements related to food safety;

e.       Ensuring that the FSMS is evaluated and maintained to achieve its intended result(s);

f.         Directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the FSMS;

g.       Promoting continual improvement;

h.       Supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility;

NOTE: Reference to “business” in the document can be interpreted broadly to mean those activities that are core to the purposes of the organization's existence.


·       Performance – challenging the team, organised, enthusiastic, attention to detail, conscientious

·       Hands on approach – Decisions are based on seeing and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading. Know and understand the role

·       Zero compromise on Quality and excellence – Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines whilst delivers right first-time quality.

·       Entrepreneurial – Always strives to be creative, wants to present the best products possible from a maintained, clean and safe factory environment

·       Continually striving knowledge of the process and product - Logical, creative and committed. Able to problem solve

·       Teamwork – commit and coordinate the Quality team in order to achieve better outcomes

·       Accountability – monitor and guarantee the respect of the quality standards and GMP in order to avoid complaints and consumer safety issues

·       Consumer focused – prepare the standard according to the consumer expectation, guarantee the implementation of the standard in order to ensure consumer satisfaction

 The pay range for prospective employees in this role is between $75,000 and $83,000 per year.