RDC Supervisor-3rd Shift

Logistics/Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation Bakersfield, California


Effective and consistent management of the site distribution center. To consistently achieve supply chain cost, quality, and safety targets through effective management of the processes, teams, equipment and systems. Covering all aspects of food safety and cold chain compliance.

This will be achieved by ensuring that distribution center teams are effectively coordinated and managed, through having a clear knowledge and understanding of requirements, attention to detail and providing all teams with inspiration, guidance, motivation and effective and fair control.

Job Description

Role and Activity

[Describe the essential activities/tasks/duties the job holder assumes in this position, using a numbered list]


·         To ensure our distribution center facility is clean, always organized and operating under discipline.

·         To manage the supply chain process to ensure that the products produced meet customer specification, quality and food safety.

·         To ensure that daily, weekly and monthly cost and cph meets targeted outputs through effective management of overtime and crewing daily.

·         Effectively manage inventory including management of aging stock and loss mitigation strategies.

·         Effectively manage all aspects of work stream to ensure mitigation of factory downtime and detention.

·         Effectively manage and track attendance and breaks.

·         Effectively manage facility and equipment for operational effectiveness and business readiness at all times

·         Daily posting at DRM all measurable outputs and ensure effective process improvement is in place for areas identified for improvement.

·         To provide a visible presence in the RDC/Distribution center so as to guide, coach, monitor and control the issues and activities and be accessible.

·         To communicate effectively with all the team and other cross functional counterparts in production, palletizing, deployment, and load planners to ensure business continuity.

·         To carry out consistent 1w1’s and WW’s to include coaching sessions with your team and to ensure that performance coaching, training, and accountability

·         Daily ensure GEMBA & Red Dot Tour actions are completed and all unsafe and unsanitary conditions are resolved, or a sufficient action plan is in place within shift resolving the issues.

·         Ensure that health and safety requirements are fully met and that a positive safety culture is maintained throughout the factory

·         Ensure that you walk the talk and use the looking eyes, attend to the issues as and when they happen. The daily site walk must deliver a clean tidy site all over.

·         Promote the Froneri culture of employees being owners rather than just employees.

·         Communicate and support the handbook policies.

Measurable Outcomes

[Consider each of the activities/tasks/duties listed above and identify how the business will measure your activities]

·         Reduce trends in OS & D claims from lack of training, process control, or accountability

·         Daily, weekly, monthly movement targets are fully met

·         Create a highly engaged and motivated work culture

·         Costs are maintained at/below budgeted levels

·         Training and development plans in place for all teams, producing measurable business benefits

·         Consistent feedback and individual improvement plans in place

·         Quality and improvement initiatives being implemented

·         Reduction in accidents and incidents on a YOY basis

·         An improving trend on the submitted weekly KPI’s

Levels of responsibility

[List those areas where you have specific responsibility related to People, Customer, Operation/Work process, Finance]

·         On time readiness

·         OS & D

·         Dock and Yard Management

·         Shipping Targets

·         Inventory control

·         Variable labor

·         Facility and Equipment

·         Health & Safety

·         Team management

·         Training and development of the site teams

·         Impeccable hygiene standards always


[List particular behaviors that are needed for this position]


1.       Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating.

2.       Hands on approach. – Decisions and plans based on seeing and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading.

3.       Zero compromise on Quality and excellence. – Hygiene, Process, Labor resource and Wastage.

  1. Entrepreneurial – challenges the status quo and explores new ideas and opportunities
  2. Continually striving knowledge of the process and product. Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in Ice cream.
  3. Teamwork – commitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes
  4. Accountability – personal commitment, full participant who uses personal impact to build the business
  5. Consumer focused –drives service excellence, as knows what customers and consumers want