Team Support Sanitation - Various Shifts

Manufacturing/Operations Tulare, California


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Responsible for systematic cleaning throughout the factory offices, cafeteria and restrooms. This also includes the factory production floor (i.e. overhead piping, vents, walls, drains, etc.). Accountable for maintaining safety standards for chemical handling and Master Sanitation tasks as assigned. Assists Operations with supply chemicals for Sanitation cycles and calibrating dispensing unit on a regular basis.

Responsibilities will include:

  1. Clean Sensory Room after session has been conducted. No ice cream present on counter. Ensure cardboard, trash & ice cream is thrown out (appropriate trash bins). Sanitizer cabinet should be stocked at all times.
  2. Maintain the Storage Room shelves and Production Line bins and cabinets with the necessary supplies and PPE for Operations. They must have enough for the entire scheduled shift (hair masks, gloves, bags, etc.). Lint rollers need to be maintained throughout the factory as well.
  3. Maintain the soaps and sanitizers in every Hand-Wash station throughout the factory. Monitor for chemical output and keep them clean throughout each shift. This includes the surrounding areas.
  4. Scrub assigned drains for each Hand-Wash station when scheduled. Remove all debris that falls in and around them to prevent overflow.
  5. Clean and Sanitize assigned areas of the factory as part of the Master Sanitation schedule. Equipment carts and foamers need to be clean and organized. Chemical jugs need to be emptied and placed on the storage shelves.
  6. Maintain the production floor & drain brushes properly. Adhere to the factory color code policy.
  7. Ensure the plastic, trash, paper towel pieces, cardboard and other miscellaneous items are disposed of in their proper bins. Production floors must be maintained throughout each shift.
  8. Empty aerosol can dispensers as needed in their appropriate locations.
  9. Adhere to drain cleaning schedule as it applies to the Master Sanitation program. Proper PPE must be worn at all times. Includes multiple areas throughout the factory.  
  10. Maintain the paper towel dispensers at all times, especially at the production floor entrances. Ensure the hand sanitizers get replenished when empty.
  11. Remove any damaged equipment/items from the factory floor and dispose of them in appropriate location.
  12. Apply chemical sanitizer inside the factory. Includes multiple areas throughout the factory.
  13. Maintain an accurate min/max inventory of cleaning and factory equipment. This includes materials, tools and supplies used throughout the factory.
  14. Trained and qualified in factory CIP cleaning procedures and policies. Required to work with Production and Quality departments in addressing environmental issues throughout the factory.
  15. Ensures that unauthorized associates do not tamper with the chemicals in the chemical room or attempt to dispense chemicals manually.
  16. Maintain all chemical jugs/spray bottles. Ensure they are labeled correctly and ensures we do not run out of new labels for the factory.
  17. Maintain the Men’s/Women’s locker room clean. This includes the janitorial cleaning of the toilets, stalls, sinks and trash bins.
  18. Ensure locker room floors get swept and mopped. Dust off the top of the lockers and all flat surfaces.
  19. Ensure the overhead piping and vents in locker rooms get vacuumed and the vents get cleaned as assigned on the Master Sanitation schedule.
  20. Maintain the Cafeteria area clean. This includes wiping down tables, throwing out trashes, sweeping/mopping the floors and cleaning the microwave and sink areas.
  21. Includes- other duties as assigned.


  1. Develops and maintains a professional attitude at all times.
  2. Uses effective interactive skills and communication in order to uphold cleaning standards as scheduled on the Master Sanitation program. Meets the needs of the as a whole.
  3. Communicates all problems and concerns to appropriate personnel (Supervisor, QA, Maintenance, Production, etc.).
  4. Documents completed tasks accordingly.

Safety & Quality

  1. Follows all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and good housekeeping practices at all times.
  2. Use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including steel-toed shoes, safety glasses, goggles, face shield, hearing protection, etc.
  3. Follows correct Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) policy and procedures where needed. Never places any body parts in moving machinery or hazardous materials.
  4. Reports and follows up to ensure that safety items are resolved within the factory (includes: leaking hoses/pumps, storage of chemical, broken sinks/toilets, etc.).
  5. Follows proper lifting techniques and ergonomics.
  6. Performs safety checks on E-stops, pull-cords and eye wash stations. Reports anything not within specifications.
  7. Ensures that all guards are in place on equipment where required.
  8. Uses correct chemicals in proper applications.
  9. Organizes all chemicals, tools, etc. in designated locations in the restrooms and chemical warehouse.
  10. Never compromises on food safety and always complies with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  11. Reports quality concerns to direct Supervisor and Quality Assurance Department.Environmental 
  1. Takes actions to avoid spills when using chemicals to avoid water pollution.
  2. Disposes of empty containers appropriately when using liquid cleaning chemicals and granular type cleaners. Containers must be triple-rinsed.
  3. Mixes chemicals only when specified to avoid unnecessary air pollution, chemical reactions and potential safety incidents.
  4. Disposes of waste appropriately, after approval from Safety, Health and Environmental team. Recycles materials when possible.
  5. Avoids allowing chemical residue to flow down to the floor drains.
  6. Contacts Environmental Personnel or Facilities when there is a chemical spill to assist in the immediate cleanup of the spill.
  7. Understands all environmental, safety, and hazard (HAZCOM) aspects of the position and follows standard procedures related to these as outlined on the SHE sheet.POSITION QUALIFICATIONS
  1. Chemical handling, CIP Sanitation and Janitorial experience preferred
  2. Inventory control/handling preferred
  3. Must work autonomously with limited supervision and be results driven
  4. Ability to troubleshoot and repair minor mechanical issues
  5. Must manage time responsibly to complete assigned tasks on a regular schedule
  6. People skills and training skills preferred
  7. Ability to work side by side with Production to resolve issues and make improvements
  8. Work cross-shifts when necessary for training purposes


  1. Understand verbal and written instructions in English.
  2. Must follow safety rules and procedures including the wearing of safety PPE where appropriate.
  3. Must observe Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Tulare Operations Center policies.
  4. Must be able to move around, to and from one’s designated work area on concrete and dairy brick surfaces which are often uneven, wet, and slippery. This includes ladders, scissor lifts and boom lifts, inside and outside the factory.
  5. Work every scheduled day and arrive at workstation at or before the scheduled start time.
  6. Communicate effectively with various support groups, supervisors, and team members.
  7. Detect and understand warning lights, buzzers, alarms, or instruments indicating hazardous conditions or circumstances which may cause equipment or product loss and physical harm.
  8. Must be able to work in a wet environment.
  9. Must be able to grip/use a low-pressure hot water hose/nozzle (80-100 lbs. of pressure) for 30 minutes to 1-hour periods.
  10. Lift up to 60 lbs. (material boxes, equipment, parts) from floor level to a height of 3 feet.
  11. Use various hand tools for cleaning. Includes floor scrubbers and wet/dry shop-vacs.
  12. Must be able to climb and descend ladders. Working at heights certified.
  13. Work in temperatures ranging from 35° F - 100° F (depending on time of year).
  14. Must possess the ability to understand verbal and written safety and chemical handling instructions.
  15. Must be able to hold manual dexterity and strength to operate a high-pressure hose and use tools in equipment disassembly and reassembly.     


-1 years of experience, food handling is preferred.

- High School Diploma Required