Planner Production

Logistics/Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation Laurel, Maryland



Role Description

Job Title:

 Planner Production


Laurel Operations Center


Supply Chain


Main Purpose of the job:

To create an effective and robust finished goods schedule which will reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity. Plan should be in compliance with time and budget targets and achieve a 98% service level while minimizing working capital and potential write off.

Job Description

Role and Activity

  • Create and maintain finished goods schedules for the factory.
  • Maintain finished goods stocks at target levels.
  • Look for improvements in management of raw and packaged materials.
  • Identify problems and work to improve scheduling process.
  • Use resources in the most effective manner, ensuring maximum line capacity and efficiency.
  • Ensuring the MRP system within SAP/ JD is always up to date and operational.
  • Report weekly KPIs, know your numbers.
  • Actively looking for improvements in quality from suppliers.
  • Work closely with Materials and Ingredients Schedulers to ensure consistent service to customers.
  • A close working relationship with NPD monitoring new products and any changes.
  • Promote the Froneri culture of employees being owners rather than just employees.
  • Conduct weekly planning meeting to ensure alignment with operations team.
  • Ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Production is scheduled effectively with minimum change overs and downtime.
  • No production downtime due to non-delivery by supply chain team.
  • Communicate with manager, and factory verbally and via email, any issues on shortages and or quality.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly KPI’s targets are fully met.
  • Costs are maintained at or below target levels.
  • Write off costs kept at a minimum.
  • Meeting customer service levels.
  • Meeting targets on agreed time scales.
  • Keep desk clean and organized.
  • Shop floor presence.


Levels of responsibility

  • Levels of stock finished goods
  • Production Planning
  • Service Level


  • PerformanceEn­sur­e schedule is effective as to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Hands on approach – Decisions and plans based on seeing and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading.
  • Strong analytical, leadership and planning skills Requires excellent organizational and time management skills. Must be able to work effectively as a team and independently with immeasurable attention to detail.
  • EntrepreneurialStrong understanding of the business and its workforce with the ability to link activities to the organization’s strategy and success, whilst also being able to communicate this effectively to all levels of management within the company.
  • Continually striving to increase knowledge of the processes and products Understand all tasks, processes and activities undertaken by the team.
  • TeamworkCommitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes.
  • AccountabilityIdentify and anticipate issues that impact on the delivery of schedule by improving processes and recognizing actions when required.
  • Consumer focused Drives service excellence within the team, knows what internal customers want.





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