Detailed Scheduler

Logistics/Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation Bakersfield, California


SUMMARY: Provide consistently short-term finite capacity-constrained production plans (Filling Lines /
Mix plant) with feasible and realistic sequenced materials in accordance with the availability of resources
(production lines/ labor) and materials.
▪ Create a feasible production plan within the detailed plan period that takes into consideration
available capacity, available labor, available materials, that respects the product family sequencing
as determined, by the long-term planner and best optimizes the factory's ability to produce the
SKUs within the families.
▪ Conducting the planning meeting with the relevant functions, meeting minutes via email.
▪ Establishes a 2-week production plan for the factories within your scope of responsibility with
minimum change overs and zero downtime.
▪ Ensuring timely system is up to date to reflect the change and highlighting any impact on the plan.
▪ Identification of the practical concerning of the plan , production shutdowns, CIP , preventive
maintenance and activate within the detailed plan period.
▪ Monitoring the new products to ensure on time launch.
▪ Identification of possible opportunities for the factory within the detailed plan period.
▪ Identification of the potential issues for the factory within the detailed plan period and evaluate
the risks and offer solutions.
▪ Give advance information in Daily / Weekly to ensure alignment with team and cross function on
requirements within the detailed plan period.
▪ Highlighting any Increase/Decrease in demand and the impact on the materials.
▪ Adhering to FRONERI procedures and standards.
▪ Always keep 5S in your workplace.
▪ Update the planning parameters on the system for materials when it is needed.
Key Measurements
▪ Production Attainment
Contributes to:
Customer Service
Working capital
Materials Requirements Accuracy
▪ Stock cover
▪ Closing Stock values

▪ Developed ability of Excel skills
▪ Developed ability of analytical thinking.
▪ Highly developed ability of negotiation and communication skills.
▪ Strong leadership, analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
▪ Good knowledge of Planning cycle, commercial understanding, optimization techniques and
▪ Ability to manage entire from planning to Deliver.
▪ Results Orientated.
▪ Work well in a team and under pressure.

Key Experiences and Knowledge:
▪ Two or more years of relevant operational experience at market / business level is useful, in at
least one of the following areas (Manufacturing Function/Planning Function):
MPS (Master Production Scheduling)
DRP (Distribution Requirement Planning)
MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
▪ Basic understanding of the Impact of Master Production & Detailed Production decisions on
execution and other Supply Chain KPIs.
▪ Detailed knowledge of Customer Service / Distribution Requirement Planning
(domestic/international) / Factory Operations / Co-packing / Co-manufacturing / Inventory
management (Finished Goods)/ Materials Management (Raw & Packaging) / Supply Chain KPIs.

Personal Qualities:
▪ Must be able to win trust and respect of others.
▪ Must be able to identify potential impacts of a problem on all relevant areas of the operation
▪ Must be able to give a point of view clearly and firmly while open to objections.
▪ Eye for detail- Able to balance priorities.
▪ Able to see the bigger picture beyond the scope of their job.
▪ Thinks outside of the box.