Night Shift Production Supervisor - Laurel, MD

Manufacturing/Operations Laurel, Maryland


We’re starting a new chapter in our journey as Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, now part of Froneri. Having nearly 100 years of winning experience in the U.S with a robust portfolio of powerhouse brands that consumers know and love, and the backing of a global pure-play ice cream organization, we’re poised to accelerate growth.


Headquartered in the Bay area, a hub for up and coming food trends, we focus on both the future and the present. In both our offices and our factories, we are determined to overcome obstacles, learn from failure, and raise our game. With a renewed focus on frozen treats, our tight-knit team of ambitious innovators are fully immersed in the business and encouraged to flex and make decisions quickly. We are committed to pursuing every great idea, and delivering the best ice cream experience to our consumers, when are where they want it.


Unleash your potential at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream and discover what a sweet career has in store for you.


Main Role/Function of job.


  • To Plan: organize, facilitate, and control your area. This includes all activities of your team to achieve the required standard of production within your area. To ensure that production areas are kept clean and tidy by adopting the “clean as you go principle.” (This will also include partnering with shift colleagues within their areas).


  • Accountability: it is your job to make sure that your team members are held accountable for their actions.


  • Training and developing: Each individual, within your team, will be given specific targets to achieve an acceptable level of knowledge that will be required to operate the machinery. Through agreed training plans and assessments, each employee will begin the training process at the entry level and will be tested as each course is completed. Scoring will be used to ensure each member of your team is equally trained to the business standard.


  • Your Training: You will need to ensure that you understand all machinery in your area and work with your manager to address any areas of opportunity. Manuals will be available for all the machinery.


  • Food Safety and Quality: Your main role and that of your team is to comply with all written documented/controlled procedures which comply with food safety and quality. You will have direct control on quality within your area, using your team members to ensure that standards are adhered to at all times. (You and your team are responsible & accountable for quality within your area. Always encourage ownership & ask questions if you are unsure, you also, must consistently partner & interact with your Manager).


  • Hygiene & Housekeeping: Understand the expectation of housekeeping in your area is extremely high and must always be maintained. Your area will be audited and scored; and you will need to brief your team daily. Lead by example to ensure that your team complies with all instructions and adheres to the good manufacturing practices. Treating this business as their own. Utilize the “clean as you go” principle and always maintain dry floors.


  • Cost Control: (WASTE & DOWNTIME) Utilizing the resources at hand and the knowledge of the particular product you are running down each line; you will need to minimize waste and down time where possible in relation to the product.  You need to adopt a regime within your team to control and segregate waste within your area.


  • Communication: Face to Face: - You will need to adopt an open forum towards communicating with your team. This can be setup to meet with each person on a one on one basis or to the entire group at one time to keep them up to date. Communicating pre and post shift pass downs daily by being present on the shop floor, making ice cream at required quality level, and controlling the amount of water being used.


  • S.H.E Management (Safety / Health and Environment): Ensure that your working practices comply with company rules and procedures. 


  • Other duties as assigned.



Measurable Outcomes through Area K.P.I)


  • Quality targets in terms of complaints & rejects
  • Dry floors & Clean as you Go
  • Food Safety incidents
  • Waste targets
  • Downtime
  • Attainment targets
  • H&S incidents
  • Drive quality improvements actions from product bench marking
  • De-kitting the line and making sure all packaging is back in the warehouse
  • Ensuring line is checked after being cleaned and all tools are stored in the correct places
  • No stagnant water left in any equipment


Levels of Responsibility


  • People (your team in area of responsibility).
  • Process (the proper use & cleaning of machinery in your area)
  • Product (delivering products @ the right quality, right time and target cost with correct paperwork).


Aptitude/Skills Required


  • Hunger for learning
  • Good interaction with people
  • Good communication skills to deliver at all levels
  • Treating the business as your own
  • Thrive on positive change
  • Always ask yourself “WOULD I DO THAT AT HOME?”
  • Equipment & any ancillary tools for your lines



Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Inc. is an equal employment and affirmative action employer and looking for diversity in qualified candidates for employment.