$20/Hour - (Experienced) Bakery/Oven Operator

Manufacturing/Operations Fort Wayne, Indiana


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Role Description



Job Title:

Oven Operator



Reports to:

Line Leader



Areas Reporting to:


Main Purpose of the job [statement about why the role is there, what the role is to achieve:

Effective and consistent running of the machine you are assigned to. Always working to achieve production targets through effective interaction with the processes. A good understanding of the machinery & ensuring you achieve the desired results in terms of Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Waste. This will be achieved through having the knowledge and understanding of the assigned machines on the line, process, and products. Attention to detail and always operating within the required parameters of your machines.

Job Description

Levels of responsibility 

[List those areas where you have specific responsibility related to People, Customer, Operation/Work process, Finance]  

  •        Quality and technical system adherence 
  •        Completion of the required production to plan 
  •        Your machines  
  •        Reading and learning about the proper use and running of your machines 
  •        User manuals for your machines 
  •        Health and Safety 
  •        Impeccable hygiene standards always  
  •        Clean as you go with No Ghost Busters. 
  •        Machine tools and ancillary equipment 


[List particular behaviors that are needed for this position] 

  •        Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating.  
  •        Zero compromise on Quality and excellence. – Hygiene, Process, Labor resource and Waste.  
  •        Continually striving to increase knowledge of the processes and products - Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in your area. 
  •        Teamwork – Commitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes 
  •        Accuracy - Attention to details.  
  •        Urgency - Always ready to respond. 
  •        Know Your People – Spend time getting to know your people, their skills, interests, knowledge, etc



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