Project Manager

Engineering/Packaging Bakersfield, California


Manage a cross-functional team whose objective is to oversee the capital investments relating to the company's fixed assets. This could involve the relocation and optimizing of the existing fixed asset base and/or the purchase of new fixed assets. It may extend from the initial conceptual studies through to project closeout. 


Management Responsibilities:

· Coordinate and manage resources, both personnel (e.g. other project engineers, technicians, contractors etc.) and funding, to ensure the project or mission fulfills and meets the set objectives defined within the approved scope.

· Propose and control the project costs in accordance with the Capital Investment Guidelines.

· Ensure that all projects are properly managed according to best practices

· Propose and monitor the project in accordance with the performance indicators.

· Demonstrate and encourage the integration of the corporate values into the project culture.

 Functional Responsibilities:

The main responsibilities being to:

· Ensure that one exhibits and implements an attitude of zero tolerance for unsafe situations and never implement any change, whether directly instructed to, or under your own initiative, without first questioning its impact in relation to product safety/quality, people safety and the environment. No compromises will be tolerated.

· Ensure that the highest principles of ethical conduct on behalf of the community, consumer, company, and the engineering profession are adhered to and that all dealings are maintained within a competitive and fair environment and above reproach.

· Support and encourage clear and open communication between the team members and related stakeholders.

· Encourage all team members to direct their efforts towards a "low cost, highly efficient" operation which meets the business needs. To take the lead in driving Good Hygienic Engineering (GHE), in the design and execution of the project, and ensure the implementation meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and safety standards.

· Ensure that engineering is respecting the requirements of the Froneri Quality System and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), OSHA, and other requirements.

· Encourage continuous improvement, networking and sharing information within engineering such that it becomes a key pillar of the engineering culture.

· Ensure that the requirements of the client are maintained at all times in accordance with the business needs.

Specific responsibilities relating to the conceptual study phase (feasibility & approval):

· Ensure that all projects are sustainable and designed for the long term, resulting in a positive impact on the company ROIC.

· Thoroughly challenge the supporting documentation even if it is provided by other functions.

· Prepare the project for approval in accordance with the Guidelines for Capital Investment.

Specific responsibilities relating to the design phase:

· Ensure that all assets are well designed (i.e. plant layout, equipment selection etc.) and fit the business purpose through applying new technologies, proven principles, thorough design reviews and basic science.

· Support or manage all official Value Engineering Analysis (VEA) studies, and a VEA approach is taken to challenge the design in order to find optimal solutions.

· Ensure that the design is directed towards a low cost, highly efficient and flexible operation keeping total cost of operation in mind when selecting equipment and suppliers, while at the same time looking for the latest in proven technology to advance competitive advantage. 

· Check the validity of all mandatory safety, environment, energy, line efficiency and performance reports in respect to engineering. Be proactive in investigating any issues relating to non-compliance, major breakdowns and non-conformance with key performance indicators.

Specific responsibilities relating to the implementation phase:

·   Ensure safe work sites at all times and installations that are easy to operate, clean and maintain as well as guaranteeing after commissioning the safe, consistent manufacture/distribution of quality products.

·   Ensure that when working with external engineering services, contractors, suppliers etc. that the scope, deliverables, performance and milestones are clearly detailed and agreed up front.

·   Utilize basic project management tools (MS Project, SAP-PS, AMM, FMEA, What-if Analysis, etc.) to ensure successful vertical start-ups.  

·   Ensure that a progress report is prepared for all projects on a monthly basis.

·   Ensure compliance with business principles especially when dealing with procuring equipment and services, and management of the ongoing contracts.

Specific responsibilities relating to the start-up/close out phase (commissioning/final report):

·   Ensure that the project scope is achieved within the agreed cost and timing.

·   Ensure that the operators, mechanics, electricians etc. are effectively trained and that the transfer of the equipment to the client is both smooth and efficient. This includes all the supporting documentation that will be required by the client to operate and maintain the plant. e.g. operating instructions, equipment manuals, plant layouts, maintenance instructions, spare parts listing, etc.

·   Support the operation of the process or plant until required deliverables are achieved.

·   Manage the allocation of all expenditures to clearly defined assets and the entry into the assets register.

·   Complete the project file and ensure that it is handed over to the client. Ensure spare parts are properly set up by factory and PM’s are implemented for all new/modified equipment.

·   Complete a final report on all projects and ensure that this is circulated to the key stakeholders.