Warehouse III - Palletizing - C Shift

Logistics/Supply Chain/Distribution/Transportation Laurel, Maryland


                                                                                         Job Description              

  1. The SHO is required to be done on every shift, every day, and on time.  All team members are responsible for being in their work area at 6am/6pm.
  2. The palletizing area must be clean at all times.  This means the floor must be free of trash and ice cream.  Cleaning in the palletizer area must be done when the machine is down or using the proper lockout procedure.
  3.  All paperwork must be completed on a daily basis and at the correct time.  This includes all MSS sheets and cleaning and waste checklists.
  4.  We always work as a team and share responsibilities and tasks.
  5.  All safety and quality procedures must be followed at all times.
  6.  All team members will be held accountable for knowing and understanding all Work Instructions/SOP’s.
  7.  All team members are to perform 30 minutes on Center Bank, 30 minutes on East Bank, and 30 minutes on the Floor (when in rotation).
  8.  If everything in Item #7 is completed and there is time left in your 30 minute rotation, boxes are to be made for Repack.
  9.  During the 1 hour 30 minute rotation, at NO time should team members be in the Warm Room.  Always ensure the floor is clean.
  10.  All equipment failures must be reported immediately so that we can keep them in working condition.
  11.  If you see something, say something.  Take ownership of your department.
  12.  It is mandatory to report all Near Misses immediately and Risk Predictions must be completed.
  13.  The Repack Area must be cleared of any trash and in 5S condition at the end of every shift.
  14.  Ensure that all dock doors are left closed when not in use.
  15.  Ensure that all dock wells on the Zero Dock are clean at all times.

Floor Operator:

  1. Make Tags
  2. Run Repack (Ensure codes are correct, ensure Repack is stocked with Product)
  3. Yard Checks
  4. Assist Warehouse III team members working the floor when needed
  5. Batch Changes

Office Operator:

  1. M50 Health Checks
  2. Consumptions
  3. Reconciliations
  4. Sell Back’s
  5. Close P.O.’s
  6. IDoc’s