Hygiene Controller

Manufacturing/Operations Bakersfield, California


Effective and consistent management of the site Hygiene to achieve a site that we are proud to produce food in. To meet our expectation that we are working in a clean workplace.

This will be achieved by ensuring that all processes are effectively reviewed, used and managed, through having a clear knowledge and understanding of requirements, attention to detail and providing all teams with inspiration, guidance, motivation and effective control.

Role and Activity

  • To ensure our manufacturing facility is clean, always organized and operating under discipline
  • Reduce water usage and train the team to clean with elbow grease not power hoses
  • All electrical and water sensitive components are hand cleaned and bagged prior to cleaning
  • To drive the site hygiene to ensure that the products produced meet customer specification, quality and food safety.
  • Review and develop all manual and CIP cleaning to deliver speed using the correct amount of water and chemical
  • Build a daily, weekly and monthly hygiene schedules to deliver the required standard
  • To manage, monitor and control costs so as to ensure that costs are within budgeted requirements
  • To provide a visible presence in production on a daily basis so as to guide, coach, monitor and control the issues and activities and be accessible to all.
  • To communicate effectively with the team through direct briefings on a regular basis
  • To carry out regular appraisals with your team and to ensure that performance management/appraisals and training is taking place throughout production on a regular basis
  • To be proactive in looking for areas of improvement and to adopt techniques and practices that ensure that there is a quality & hygiene environment in production
  • Ensure that health and safety requirements are fully met and that a positive safety culture is maintained throughout the process
  • Ensure that you walk the talk and use the looking eyes, attend to the issues as and when they happen. The daily site walk must deliver a clean tidy site all over.
  • Ensure that you are the focal point for of hygiene & always using ‘will you clean your home like this’?
  • Promote the Froneri culture of employees being owners rather than just employees
  • Ensure correct methods and practices are used for machine strip downs and rebuilds