Quality Technician

Quality Assurance/Food Safety Bakersfield, California


Main Purpose of the job

The QA Technician’s primary responsibilities will include raw material/ finished product testing, monitoring and verification of in-process inspections.  Performs a variety of standard microbial, chemical, analytical, and physical or sensory testing.  Responsibilities will also include maintaining logs and records associated with job function (e.g. non-conforming materials, corrective action log, extended run logs, environmental results logs, finished product microbial logs etc.).

Job Description


·       Comply and execute the company Quality Policy on all required Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), quality and food safety requirements.

·       Ensures that a high quality of products, services, housekeeping, and hygiene standards are maintained and improved in plant to “ready to eat” quality standards are met.

·       Escalate quality or food safety findings or incidents to management.  Communication of information to peers, cross-functional team and management.

·       Supports quality Improvement initiatives (e.g. first time right, product defect reduction) within the factory.


·       Complete equipment inspections and pre-operational inspections to ensure sanitation requirements have been met.

·       Place "Out of specification" material and/or product on quality hold physically and in SAP system.  Communicate quality holds with supervisors and management.

·       Calibrate and utilize lab equipment such as pH meter, moisture analyzers, scales, etc. in accordance to the ICP (internal control plan) and regulatory standards.

·       Support the execution of GMPs throughout the manufacturing plant and follow safety rules and procedures.

·       Record results for product sensory, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan, SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure) and other checks as assigned.

·       Micro techs will include preparing samples, plating, reading and recording micro results for finished products, in process check, raw materials as assigned

·       Micro techs maintain lab according to lab to good laboratory practices

·       Follow methods process according to facilitate analysis procedure and maintain indignity while preparing sample for processing.

·       Read plates as required, to determine/ count the number of colonies/ organisms in the sample.

·       Write identification onto plates so that sample number can be tracked and recorded

·        Pipette sample solution into plates according to the analysis method process being performed

·        Perform verification of all media supplies to ensure growth.

·        Prepare sample for analysis by recording, weighing, and blending

·        Collect plates and place them in the incubator for the specified amount of time and temperature

·       Prepare media for use in bacteria testing as required according to AOAC Method

·        Sterilize materials needed for analysis. Autoclave plates before discarding according CA states disposal.

·        Perform sample pH and other analysis tests on sample when requested

·        Ensure that media and materials are prepared for the next testing sequence

·       Set up equipment and materials needed for analysis

·        Support corporate quality and continuous improvement process

·        Perform necessary housekeeping duties in a timely manner, keeping the work areas and equipment clean and sanitized

·        Must participate in cleaning schedule and maintain retain samples as required

·        Adhere to all safety policies

·        Perform other related tasks as needed under quality.

Measurable Outcomes Levels of responsibility

·       Supplies management program: Keep track of supplies and usage. Inform supervisor on supplies getting low. Challenging to reduce most of supplies by finding alternative supplies or eliminating the usage.

·       Routine Performance: Ensuring all sample collection up to plating was performed according to standard operation. Data entry should match up with coordinating the log sheet and the entry on GLOBE. Accurate reading of test method petrifilm according to 3M petrifilm manual. Following up to all incorrect sample error, missing micro samples, any corrective actions in micro lab, and environmental swabbing of locations.

·       Finished product pH program: Maintain updated product list of each of the platform. Complete all new product Ph and record all information on log sheet and electronic spreadsheet.

·       Biohazard Waste program: manage, record and demonstrate compliance in using autoclave also completing verification and basic troubleshoot knowledge. Record all waste activities on log and corrective actions.

·       Lead investigation for Micro and Environmental “lesson learnt “

·       Reduction of pallets on holds

·       Good Laboratory Practice: Maintain knowledge and following all GLP in the laboratory. Practicing safe working place and reporting out any unsafe behavior through proactive near miss. Maintaining knowledge of biohazard and biosecurity as part of GLP and the factory procedure.  Perform all routine and nonroutine task with highest quality and integrity.

·       Calibration program: track and manage thermometers, probes, analytical equipment such as balance and ph meter. Ensure all analytical equipment is monitored and tracked with all corrective action. Organize a schedule of all calibration and record keeping all COA.

·       Respect of GMP and leading the micro hold investigation while using “lesson learnt”

·       Leading sanitation and operation audits on the floor to identify gaps in our sanitation program. Thus, leading to reduction of environmental activities. Whole creating quality culture on the floor.

·       Micro accurately perform tasks.

·       Work and challenge with the quality team to reduce the quality department budget.


·       Performance – Pay attention to detail in executing checks.  Be enthusiastic quality advocate.

·       Hands on approach –Follow schedule in executing checks and inspections.  Communicate results with the line leadership.  Know and understand the role

·       Zero compromise on Quality and excellence – When in the plant use looking eyes to ensure plant is making products according to specification and in compliance for GMP and food safety standards. 

·       Entrepreneurial – Always strives to be creative, wants to present the best products possible from a maintained, clean and safe factory environment

·       Continually striving knowledge of the process and product - Logical, creative and committed. Able to problem solve

·       Teamwork – Work with quality team and production by participating in meeting and communicating quality expectations.

·       Accountability – Monitor and guarantee the respect of the quality standards and GMP in order to avoid large microbiological and pathogen contamination.

·       Consumer focused – When completing checks remember the consumer and their expectations.