Buildings & Grounds (Day Shift, $23.73/Hour)

Engineering/Packaging Fort Wayne, Indiana



Role Description



Job Title:

Building & Grounds Maintenance Specialist



Reports to:

Factory Controller



Areas /teams reporting to:


Main Purpose of the job [statement about why the role is there, what the role is to achieve]:

This position will be responsible for the Facilities related work and light maintenance on assigned equipment.  Tasks will include maintaining the general areas of the facility in an inspection ready state at all times, furniture moving, trash collection, sign installation,  general maintenance of building doors, floors, roofing, lighting, hydraulic compactors and balers, and HVAC and non-ammonia ventilation equipment.


Job Description

Role and Activity

  • Maintain areas of responsibility in an inspection ready state at all times
  • Maintain parking lots and side walks
  • General painting and repair of facility office, structural and utility systems
  • General maintenance of building doors, floors, lighting, plumbing, and roofing systems
  • General labor work as assigned
  • Maintenance of non-ammonia intake and exhaust fans
  • Landscape maintenance including weed control and snow removal
  • Planning and organizing work
  • Play a role in maintaining service contracts and budgeting
  • Work closely with and manage contractors
  • Work with contractors to efficiently and safely execute 3rd party service work

Measurable Outcomes

  • Production productivity
  • Balance maintenance on preventative vs planned rather than just corrective where it is feasible
  • Zero rejections for product food safety and quality issues
  • Daily, weekly, monthly production targets are fully met
  • Costs are maintained at/or below budgeted levels
  • Quality and improvement initiatives being implemented
  • An improving trend on the submitted weekly KPI’s

Levels of responsibility

  • All Factory processes and equipment.
  • Break down interventions, maintenance and improvements
  • Production Targets
  • Engineering budget
  • Health & Safety
  • Training and development to improve knowledge of all machinery
  • Impeccable hygiene standards always



  • Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating. Operate under controlled speed and pressure
  • Hands on approach. – Decisions and plans based on seeing and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading. Know and understand the process and machinery
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence.Hygiene, Process, speed and Wastage.
  • EntrepreneurialChallenges the status quo and explores new ideas and opportunities
  • Continually striving knowledge of the process and product - Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in Ice cream.
  • TeamworkCommitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes, with a sense of customer service towards the factory
  • AccountabilityPersonal commitment, Methodical and self-disciplined, Logical thinking
  • Consumer focusedSupport production to deliver products at agreed quality standards


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