Master Welder/Specialist

Engineering/Packaging Bakersfield, California


This person is responsible for all aspects related to the on-shift maintenance as well as factory-wide capital requests/initiatives of fabrication and welding according to Froneri corporate and local strategies, standards, specifications and local codes and regulations. This will include but not limited to the following:

  • Designs, creates and effectively builds tools, equipment, and repairs.
  • Required to weld per food grade standards, sanitary weld standard, etc.
  • Maintain liaisons with other departments, disciplines and facilities to provide necessary support and maintenance for optimal factory operations
  • Provide direction, training and capability building of technicians regarding basic welding and basic welding repairs
  • Comply with all safety and environmental regulations (Internal & External) and applicable Froneri standards

Role and Activity

Factory Engineers and dept

  • This is a hands-on role, providing visibility and accessibility on the factory floor and not sitting in the workshop waiting for a call.
  • Ensure that all machining is done timely to meet capital projects/initiatives staying within budget.
  • Ensure that the machines are ready for a smooth run during production at lowest waste levels.
  • Keep yourself informed of production plans/project scope or any other changes. It is important to be proactive in finding out what is happening rather than waiting to be told.
  • Look for issues. Do not wait to be told or instructed to complete a task
  • Awareness of all machinery fabrication problems or any unfinished jobs.
  • Ensure emergency break downs are addressed quickly.
  • Operate on a “one-man for one-job” policy, however, without compromising safety & training.
  • Ensure your work areas are clean and organized including, the area you are working in, the workshop and the store. Always maintaining the “clean as you go” policy in all areas.
  • To ensure the machines that produce products meet the customer specification, quality and food safety.
  • To be proactive in looking for areas of improvement and to adopt techniques and practices that ensure that there is a quality environment in production
  • Ensure that health and safety requirements are fully met and that a positive safety culture is maintained throughout the factory
  • Ensure that you walk the talk and use the looking eyes, attend to the issues as and when they happen.
  • Promote the Froneri culture of treating the business as your own.  
  • Engineering stock is always correctly booked out and accounted for
  • Items for disposal are stripped for usable parts
  • Parts to be replaced must be delivered to stores before obtaining new ones.
  • Treat the store like your own garage at home promoting ownership
Maintenance Tasks
  • Ensure that only you carry out the required maintenance & only replace worn/ broken parts, providing feedback on frequency.
  • Drive the tasks through required work from observations and data, not just theoretical plans
  • Maintenance follows production, not the other way around
  • Ensure that maintenance tasks adhere to company food safety polices
  • Ensure all working practices comply with company rules and procedures in order to ensure that you and any other persons using the area of work, can do so safely.
  • Always keep full and up to date records of all equipment with maintained traceability
  • Treat all spend as if they are your own
  • Encourage dry production areas and report any “ghost busting” activities.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Production productivity
  • Balance maintenance on preventative vs planned rather than just corrective where it is feasible
  • Zero rejections for product food safety and quality issues
  • Daily, weekly, monthly production targets are fully met
  • Costs are maintained at/below budgeted levels
  • Quality and improvement initiatives being implemented
  • An improving trend on the submitted weekly KPI’s


  • Performance – Open to change and will always look for better, simpler and more effective ways of operating. Operate under controlled speed and pressure
  • Hands on approach. – Decisions and plans based on seeing and being part of the event, not solely based on report reading. Know and understand the process and machinery.
  • Zero compromise on Quality and excellence. – Hygiene, process, speed and waste.
  • Entrepreneurial – Challenges the status quo and explores new ideas and opportunities
  • Continually striving to increase knowledge of processes and products - Understand all tasks, processes and activities as an expert in Ice cream.
  • Teamwork – Commitment and enthusiasm to working together to achieve better outcomes, with a sense of customer service towards the factory.
  • Accountability – Personal commitment, methodical and self-disciplined, logical thinking.
  • Consumer focused –Support production to deliver products at agreed quality standards.