Application Developer, backend and core framework – Playback and Review Tools

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Position at DNEG

Application Developer, Front End UI/UX – Playback and Review Tools


DNEG is offering an exciting opportunity for an experienced desktop application engineer with a focus on user interfaces to join a team creating a cutting edge cross-platform system for video playback, editing and review.


Viewing moving images is an activity fundamental to almost every role in a VFX and Feature Animation studio. This goes a long way beyond simple video playback – VFX and animation artists, supervisors and producers all require fast, accurate, highly interactive and flexible interfaces for examining their work, submitting notes and feedback as well as producing their own creative edits. Large format image sequences with high bit depth and high frame rate demand the utmost in performance optimisation to make the most of available graphics resources. And in addition to this, collaborative working is an increasingly important aspect of the workflows, requiring innovative solutions to allow multiple users to work together fluently. All this must be delivered by a solution that offers the very best in UX and UI design. To meet these requirements and to take advantage of recent advances in associated technologies, such as HDR displays and projectors, new graphics rendering pipelines and modern video formats, DNEG is investing in a proprietary solution for image review that will be used throughout our global workforce of VFX professionals. On successful deployment through the business our ambition is to eventually open the project to the wider community by taking the project to open source.


We are looking for developers with experience within the associated technology domains to expand the team and help deliver a groundbreaking product to the company and hopefully beyond. In particular, for this role, we are seeking engineers with a passion for excellence in UI/UX design and implementation. Key technology areas include the following:

  • Desktop GUI development, particularly Qt & QML
  • OpenGL/Metal/Direct-X APIs
  • Concurrent programming
  • Message passing interfaces


We value your expertise, so with the help of our dedicated Technology Project Managers, you will be responsible for planning out your own development work in close collaboration with the team. We employ the Agile methodology, and you will have influence in all aspects of the software development life-cycle: designing, supporting and maintaining the software, as well as helping to integrate the tools into our existing pipeline.


This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing Production Technology department contributing to the technology behind exceptional VFX and Feature Animation work, working alongside a smart, creative and adaptable team of Software Engineers, Project Managers, Project Owners and stakeholders from across the business.


Must have:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar, or equivalent experience.
  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Python, including modern C++ standards (2011, 2014 etc).
  • Experience with graphical programming APIs such as Qt (C++ API), QML, OpenGL, GLSL.
  • Strong comprehension of concurrent programming and performance optimisation.
  • A passion for excellence in UI design and UX.


Nice to have:

  • Experience with the following APIs: C++ Actor Framework, OpenColourIO.
  • Experience with source control systems and git workflow.
  • Experience of software development in a Linux environment (shells, version management etc).
  • Experience of cross-platform development including any exposure to Apple and Windows graphics APIs (Metal/DirectX).


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